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European tungsten electrode WS-2

Technical characteristics

Usually, tungsten in electrodes is used not in pure state. It must be alloyed with rare-earth elements. European tungsten electrodes contain additives of different rare-earth elements: oxides of thorium, zirconium, cerium, lanthanum, yttrium or hybrid combinations of a few oxides. Manufacturers must identify every additive and its percentage on the package. Electrodes alloyed with rare-earth metals are widely utilized at automatic welding. Electrode tip must be prepared: compressed, angular or cut off.

Alloying aim

Rare-earth element oxides of tungsten electrode conduce to perfect arc kindling without necessity to do additional manipulations. They also stabilize arc burning. Turquoise (according to international marking system) European electrode WS-2 is applied for welding of stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other non-iron metals and alloys.

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