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Processing and production of metals and alloys

Technical characteristic

In practice, the processing of metal in the production process plays a significant role in obtaining the necessary characteristics of the material. Ferrous alloys and steel are the most widespread on the modern market. In our country metal processing technology is regulated by such basic documents as GOST and TU. They determine the chemical composition of the alloy and the parameters of its properties. The latter are the basis for determining the scope of use of the material.

Types of metal forming

One of the main types of metal forming is pressure treatment. Depending on the applied method of manufacturing products and technical capabilities of equipment, a distinction is made:




- forging;


Stamping and pressing

In this case, almost every method of metal processing has several subtypes. For example, stamping can be both sheet and volumetric. The latter, in turn, is divided into cold and hot. As for such a method of processing metals and alloys as pressing, there is a fairly large number of different schemes. If we focus on the main ones, there are only 2 - it is direct and reverse.


The most mass-produced type of pressure processing of metal workpieces is rolling. The advantages of this method are obvious, as it allows you to get not only finished products, but also bars. We are talking about profiles of various shapes (circle, square, hexagon), as well as pipes and other products.


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