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Wood's alloy

Technical characteristics

Wood’s alloy is heavy, easily melting composition that was invented by Robert Williams Wood. Density of this material is 9.72 g/cm3. Melting point is 98.5°С. Alloy composition contains Pb-25%, Sn-12,5%, Bi-50% and Cd -12,5%.

Bi Pb Sn Cd Residual elements
50% 25% 12.5% 12.5% 0.5%

There also exist other variants of this alloy that was invented later. In most of easily melting alloys, there is happened shrinkage during solidification process. At that, bismuth components (more than 55%) are extended just the opposite. Woof Williams had managed to select «the happy mean» — the composition, where a volume does not change. Tensile strength of alloy constitutes 4.5 kgf/mm2; Brinell hardness is 10.5 kgf/mm2; ultimate tensile elongation is 7%.


Wood’s alloy represents the drops or silver-white sticks. It can be manufactured in the form of pigs, bars (of size 10x12x250 mm), ingots, drops according to TC and GOST 6−09−4064−87.

Alloy application

Wood’s alloy is used in precision casting in a form of cores, in thin-walled pipe bends, in manufacture of hollow body by electroforming. Wood’s alloy is indispensable in the capacity of solder material, for detail fixture by casting. It is used in fuse elements and screw-plug fuse in safety appliances. This alloy is applicable for non-metals that have electrolytic coverage: tin-bismuth, tin-leaded and silver. It is also utilized to simplify brazing of copper, fuse plugs and thermal fuse elements.

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