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Aluminum circle, wire, tube, sheet, strip ENAW-1255


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
АД1 1013 Al99.3 Buy from stock, view availability


Aluminum wire of ENAW-1255 grade is used at modern industry as semi manufacture. Such wire ideally proved itself in manufacturing of electrical wiring and different types of bending with low elasticity. Also it is used at mounting heat-exchange equipment. The wire of this grade is differs by:

  • plasticity;
  • corrosion-resistance;
  • high electrical and thermal conduction;
  • easiness of processing.
  • temperature conditions from 80 to 150 degrees;
  • enduring exploitation of constructions;
  • in contact with edaphic and atmospheric moisture;
  • on fire-prone manufacture (impact and friction of aluminum doesn’t sparkle).

Percentage composition of ENAW-1255

Fe Si Mn Ti Al Cu Mg Zn
до 0.3 до 0.3 до 0.025 до 0.15 min 99.3 до 0.05 до 0.05 до 0.1



Aluminum duct of this grade provides creation of strong constructions with low weight. Due to anti-corrosion properties, it is practically irreplaceable material at household chemistry, oil-well industry and aircraft building. Such tube proved itself the best for next labor conditions:


ENAW-1255 grade’s sheet has not only anti-corrosion characteristic and plasticity, also- high indexes of thermal and electrical conduction. It is perfect for manufacturing of containers and tanks, as it is biologically inert. Such sheet is very attractive in creation of original premises design. It has aesthetically beautiful view, is easy mounted and succumbs for polish.

Other forms

Other forms of semi manufactures: aluminum strip, corners, rods, wire and plates can be manufactured with additional processing (S-annealed, HD-hard-drawn) or without it.

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