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Pipe, sheet made of titanium grade 7


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Technical characteristics

Titanium alloy grade 7 refers to European titanium of general purpose. It is delivered according to ASTM standards. Mill-products: welded pipes, rods, wire, square, flange, sheet, plate, powder, forgings. Grade 7 relates to α-alloys at a room temperature. It transforms to β-alloy at a temperature of 913 °C. During a process of cooling to 890 °C, grade 7 returns to α-phase.

Percentage composition

O N C H Fe Pd Ti
≤0,25 ≤0.03 ≤0,08 ≤0.015 ≤0.3 0.12−0.15 ≤99

Alloy has a small amount of palladium in order to improve corrosion resistance.
So it is the most corrosion-resistant among other titanium alloys. It is extremely resistant to corrosion in environment of concentrated acids. It also has good weldability and workability. Alloy of this grade is used in chemical industry for manufacture of reactors and other components of equipment that operate in aggressive environment without loading.

Strength properties

Strength properties of titanium depend on a presence of inevitable residual elements in its composition, which are divided into two groups:
1) interstitial impurities:
oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon

2) substitutional impurities:
silicon, iron.

Interstitial impurities strongly affect a quality of titanium — reduce ductility and increase strength. Strength of pure titanium is 57 HB. It can be increased more than twice. A presence of oxygen at a concentration of 0.1−0.5% has little effect on titanium ductility. However, titanium completely loses its ability to plastic deformation at 0.7% concentration. Every basis point of nitrogen increases resistance to rupture at the same time reducing a ductility. Upon reaching a level of 0,2% N, there occurs a brittle fracture of metal.


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