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Aluminum sheet


Aluminum sheet is very light, longeval, cheap, plastic, durable and flexible material, which is very kind for cold and hot dressing. Otherwise it is stable to humidity influence, has the best thermostatic effect and impermeability for magnetic field. It’s corrosion-resistant, aesthetically beautiful view, high biological inertia and safety. It completely conformed to the strictest sanitary standards that make this sheet applicable for absolutely every practice area. Such material is perfect for painting and inflicted covering is durably fixing for a long period of time.


Lighten stainless metallic constructions are used in building, food, chemical and fuel industries, and transport machine building. It counts for much in fast assembling of various constructions, for example, such as: fences, hangars, storages and others.


All aluminum sheets are divided by special and general destinations. They are rolled accordingly to GOST 21631−76: of alloys' grades ENAW-1050A and AlDA1 (Aluminum deformed alloy), and of some others technic’s grades, such as 1200 and ENAW-1235. Such sheets have smooth, matted surface and wide dimension of production.

Aluminum sheet

Grade Width, mm Cutting, (mm) Price
ENAW-1050A 0,5−10 1200x4000, 1200x3000,1500x4000, 1500xЗ000 By agreement
1105 0,5-З 1200x4000, 1200xЗ000,1500x4000, 1500xЗ000 ---«---
1200 0,7−1,5 1200x4000, 1200xЗ000,1500x4000, 1500xЗ000 ---«---
ENAW-1235 0,5−4 1200x4000, 1200xЗ000,1500x4000, 1500xЗ000 ---«---
5005 0,5−8 1200x4000, 1200xЗ000,1500x4000, 1500xЗ000 ---«---
ENAW-5051A 0,5−10 1200xЗ000, 1200x4000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000 ---«---
ENAW-5754 0,5−10 1200xЗ000, 1200x4000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000 ---«---
AlMg5 0,5−10 1200xЗ000, 1200x4000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000 ---«---
AlMg6 0,5−10 1200xЗ000, 1200x4000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000 ---«---
ENAW-3003 0,5−10 1200xЗ000, 1200x4000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000 ---«---
AlDA1 0,5−8 1200xЗ000, 1200x4000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000 ---«---

Fluted sheet

This type of rolled metal is manufactured with assistance of rhombic or offset bulb notching of such grades as ENAW-5051A and AlDA1. For import and under the order grades AlDA1and ENAW-5754 are ordered. The gage of complete product is down without accounting of its convexity size.

Grade Corrugation Width, mm Cutting, mm Price
ENAW-5051A duet, quintet 1,5−4 1200xЗ000, 1500xЗ000 By agreement
AlDA1 diamond 1,5−4 1200xЗ000, 1500xЗ000 ---«---

The most often sheets are manufactured of such grades as ENAW-3003, 1200, 5005 and 1561, which are compound from two-three or more different components. In their marking letters denote main and complementally components, which are in the composition of alloy, and numbers show their percentage content. After numbers can be additionally used letters, which indicate the condition of rolled metal, its type of thermal and mechanic processing. For example: aluminum marine sheet.

Aluminum alloy Width,(mm) Size
1200, 1150 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000
ENAW-3003 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000



0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000
AlMg 5, АlMg6 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xЗ000, 1500x4000, 1500x6000

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