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Aluminum sheet


Aluminum sheet is a very light, durable, cheap, plastic, strong and flexible material that lends itself very well to hot and cold processing. It is also very resistant to moisture, has an excellent thermo-static effect and impermeability to the magnetic field, resistant to corrosion, has an excellent aesthetic appearance, high biological inertness and safety. It is fully compliant with the strictest sanitary standards, which makes it suitable for absolutely any sphere of activity. This material is beautifully painted, and the coating applied to it very firmly fixed for quite a long time.


Production of lightweight stainless steel metal structures in the construction, food, chemical and fuel industries, and transport engineering. Rapid assembly of various structures, such as: fences, hangars, warehouses and many others.


All aluminum sheets are divided into special and general purpose. They are rolled in accordance with GOST 21 631-76: from alloys of grade A5 and VD1 (whose chemical composition is regulated by GOST 1131-76), as well as some other technical brands, such as AD and AD1. Such sheets have a smooth matte surface and a very wide range of products.

Aluminum sheet

Grade Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Price
A5 (A5H, A5M) food grade 0,5-10 1200x4000, 1200x3000, 1500x4000, 1500xZ000 As agreed
1105 (1105AT, 1105AM) 0,5-З 1200x4000,1200xZ000,1500x4000,1500xZ000 --- "---
AD (ADM) 0,7-1,5 1200x4000,1200xZ000,1500x4000,1500xZ000 --- "---
AD1 (AD1N, AD1M, AD1N2) 0,5-4 1200x4000,1200xZ000,1500x4000,1500xZ000 --- "---
AMG1 (AMG1H, AMG1M) 0,5-8 1200x4000,1200xZ000,1500x4000,1500xZ000 --- "---
AMg2 (AMg2M) 0,5-10 1200xZ000, 1200x4000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000 --- "---
AMg3 (AMg3M) 0,5-10 1200xZ000, 1200x4000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000 --- "---
AMg5 (AMg5M) 0,5-10 1200xZ000, 1200x4000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000 --- "---
AMg6 (AMg6BM, AMg6M) 0,5-10 1200xZ000, 1200x4000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000 --- "---
АМц (АМцН, АМцМ, АМцН2) 0,5-10 1200xZ000, 1200x4000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000 --- "---
HD1 (HD1AN2, HD1AM, HD1AT) 0,5-8 1200xZ000, 1200x4000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000 --- "---

Corrugated sheet

This type of rolled steel is made by using rhombic or lenticular corrugation of such brands as AMG2NR, AMG2H2 and VD1NR. For import and to order are VD1Ani grades of AMg3N2P. Thickness of the finished product is specified without taking into account the size of its convexity.

Mark Corrugation Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Price
АМг2Н2, АМг2НР Duet, quintet 1,5-4 1200xZ000, 1500xZ000 As agreed
VD1NR Diamond 1,5-4 1200xZ000, 1500xZ000 --- "---

The most common grades are made of such grades as AMc, AD, AMg, and 1561, consisting of two or three or more different components. The letters in their designation indicate the main and additional components that make up the alloy, and the numbers indicate their content in percentage. After the numbers in the marking may be additional letters, they indicate the state of the rolled steel, its type of thermal and mechanical treatment. For example, aluminum marine sheet.

Aluminum alloy State Thickness,(mm) Dimensions
AD, 1150 M, H2, N 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000
AMc M, Н2, Н 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000
AMG 2, AMGZ M, H2 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000
5 AMg, AMg6 М 0, З-10,0 1000x2000, 1500xZ000, 1500x4000, 1500x6000


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