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Special semi-finished products


Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, vibration and long term static stress. It retains its strength over a wide temperature range, making it an indispensable basis for engine and aircraft construction. The weight advantage that stainless steel gives without loss of strength is known to all designers and engineers, which is why it has found such widespread use in the manufacturing industry. Due to the corrosion resistance of stainless alloys, they find application in the chemical industry. Among the disadvantages are the higher cost of stainless alloys. This is due to the labor-intensive production and the use of expensive alloying additives. Welding of stainless steel can cause certain difficulties.


The extraordinary characteristics of stainless steel rolled products brought it to the forefront of modern industry. It became the basis of alloys for aircraft and missile construction, finds application in the production of heat exchange systems. Important parts for engine and shipbuilding are made of it. Due to its innocuousness and non-toxicity, stainless steel has become the basis of materials for the food industry and restorative surgery. It has become literally indispensable for surgical instruments. Stainless steel is used in cryogenic applications because it maintains its strength in extreme cold. The scope of its application is almost unlimited. It is used in modern design. Despite the high price, its use is economically justified by the strength and durability of products.


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