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HN28WMAB alloy


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
HN28VMAB EP126 Buy from stock, view availability


HN28WMAB (EP126) alloy is a heat-resistant high-alloyed chrome-nickel steel. It contains 25−30% of nickel, 22% of chrome. Silicon (<0.6%), phosphorus (<0.02%), mangan (<1,5%), wolframium (6,5 — 7,5%), molybdenum (2,8 — 3,5%), sulfur (0,02%) should be added in the capacity of masteralloys. Alloying produces a multidimensional effect on steels quality. Chrome increases hardness and resistant to corrosion. Nickel confers plasticity. Wolframium confers hardness, red-hardness. Vanadium increases strength, resistance to impact loads and wipe out. Cobalt raises heat-resistance, magnetic permeability. Molybdenum confers red-hardness, strength, resistance to corrosion at a high temperature. When a quantity of mangan is more than 1%, it increases impact index and wearing qualities. Titanium increases stability, corrosive resistance. Aluminium raises resistance to oxide scale formation. Niobium increases acid-resistance. Copper raises plasticity and prevent action of rust. Extra-qualitative steel contains borium, zirconium except for above-said components.

Percentage composition of the alloy GOST 5632−72

Ni Cr Si C Mn Fe Mo Nb W N B P S
25−30 19−22 ≤0,6 ≤0,1 ≤1,5 34.7−46.6 2.8−3.5 0.7−1.3 6−7.5 0.15−0.3 0.005 ≤0,02 ≤0,02


Jumping-up temperature of semi-fabricates is 1170 °C at the beginning; in the end, a temperature is 850 °C. Finished products with a cross-section up to 350 mm are cooled in air. Steel pipe of HN28WMAB grade basically is manufactured in a form of round cross-section. Made to order pipes are manufactured in a form of oval, rectangular or square section. HN28WMAB pipes are classified by a diameter and by a thickness of walls. When pipes have a diameter of 5 — 250 mm or thicker, and walls of 0,3 — 3 mm, they are called thin-walled. Thick-walled pipes have Ø of 6−250 mm, wall thickness of 1,6 — 24 mm. Very thick-walled pipes are manufactured with a diameter of 6 — 70 mm, with a wall thickness of 2 — 12 mm.


sв MPa


Heat treatment
Sheet, GOST 24982−81 930 25−35 Thermohardening 1080 -1140°C

HN28WMAB alloy supplier

«Auremo» company proposes to buy HN28WMAB alloy on the most favorable terms. Mill-products with a diameter <9 mm are sold in bobbins; with a diameter> 9 are sold in linear segments or in off-gauge, single-length and multiple to single-length sizes. Rod, pipe, bar, sheet, strip of HN28WMAB alloy are always in stock. HN28WMAB alloy price depends on order quantity and additional conditions of supply. If you buy HN28WMAB alloy by wholesale, you will be given special discounts. Availability of products and efficiency of delivery are conditioned by a fact that our offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities of Central Europe. We invite you to a partnership.


HN28WMAB pipe is used in high-pressure system. Such pipes are often used in nuclear or chemical industries, in different kilns or boilers, in manufacture of carburizing box, kiln conveyors at temperatures of 750 — 850 °C. Pipes quality allows using them in mechanical engineering, manufacturing the bearings, separators, and other rolling details.

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