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Non-ferrous alloys


The most popular are: aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium, copper, copper-nickel alloys, titanium, nickel, bronze, tin bronze, zinc, lead, tin. The use of non-ferrous alloys allows a wide range of physico-chemical and mechanical characteristics of products. Due to the high manufacturability of such alloys is widely used by modern industry. With the advent of such materials an opportunity to improve many technological processes and ensure long-term reliable operation of the entire complex of equipment.


In technology adopted the classification of non-ferrous metals and alloys, according to which they are divided according to the physical and chemical properties, market value, finding in the lithosphere. A distinction is made between:

  • light
  • heavy non-ferrous alloys
  • precious metals (including platinum group metals)
  • refractory and fusible;
  • disseminated
  • rare-earth
  • radioactive

Advantages of base metals

  • excellent electrical
  • ductility
  • resistance to corrosion and temperature changes
  • excellent thermal conductivity.

They are available to all types of machining: forging, rolling, stamping, pressing, cutting, soldering, welding. Excellent physical, mechanical and chemical properties of base alloys ensured their permanent high popularity practically in all spheres of human activity (construction, food and chemical industry, aviation, machine-building and instrument-making).


Non-ferrous metals are used for casting, as well as all kinds of semi-finished products:

  • wire
  • profiles
  • round, square, hexagonal bars
  • strips
  • tapes
  • foil
  • sheet

Characteristics of semi-finished products may vary after heat treatment, artificial and natural aging.


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Non-ferrous alloys

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