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Stainless pipe X15CrNiSi20-12, aisi 309, 309s tp


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
20Х20Н14С2 EI211 1.4828 309 X15CrNiSi20-12 Buy from stock, view availability


Steel heat-resistant pipe of grade X15CrNiSi20−12 has nickel (12−15%), chrome (19−22%) in its composition. As a means of masteralloys, there can be added manganese (up to 1.5%), copper (0.3%), silicon (2−3%), carbon (0.2%), titanium (0.2%), sulfur and phosphorus (parts per thousand).

Percentage composition GOST 5632−72

Cu Si C Mn P Cr Ni S Ti
≤ 0,3 2 — 3 ≤ 0,2 ≤ 1,5 ≤ 0,035 19 — 22 12 — 15 ≤ 0,025 ≤ 0,2


Stainless pipe of X15CrNiSi20−12 grade is usually made with a cross-section by cold-rolling, hot-rolling or warm-worked methods. Seamless pipe is manufactured by pressing, forging, rolling, or drawing. At the beginning, a temperature of heat processing constitutes 1170 °C and at the end, it is 850 °C. The pipes with a section of up to 350 mm are cooled in air.


It is utilized in manufacture of parts that operate under a moderate stress. Chrome-nickel steel is used in parts of gas pipeline systems, burner devices, manufacture of protection tube of electric thermal transducers because it does not contaminate thermocouple electrodes and gives a reliable protection in condition of aggressive environment. Stainless pipe X15CrNiSi20−12 can withstand a temperature of up to 1000 °C over extended periods. It is used for internal combustion engines, furnaces of steam and gas turbines, jet engines, nuclear reactors as a means of bearing material.

Chrome-nickel steel is resistant to corrosion in air and in hot gas environments because alloying elements form the protective films (oxides of chrome, silicon etc.) on a surface during heating process. Stainless pipe X15CrNiSi20−12 is intended to operate under weak loads, especially in different electric power installation and heating elements. Tube of such type is used while removing combustion products in manufacturing furnaces and various boilers, hoods. Such tubes are fairly malleable. This allows using them in chimney stack constructions and other tube systems at any angle. This metal has an attractive appearance and does not require a painting.


There are used electrodes ER-349, ER-347 Si, ER-308L Si during a process of automatic welding under flux AH-26, AH-18 and argon arc welding. There are applied electrodes During manual welding of EA-1F2 electrode of grade CL-2B2, EA-606/11, GL-2 with wire core S Ni 6625 (NiCr22Mo9Nb), SW-05H19N9F3S2, SW-05H19N9F3S2. SW-08H20N9S2BTIU core is used at automatic manual welding in protective gas. OK 61.85, ОК 67.60 electrodes with wire cores SW-07H25N13 and SW-07H19N10B are applied at arc-electric manual welding. There is performed a quality control according to AM and GOST 6032−89 without special sensitization heating. Electrodes confer a resistance to intercrystalline and common corrosion in nitric acid (65% of concentration) at a temperature of 70−80°С. Strength of welding seam obtained with OK 61.85, ОК 67.60 electrodes constitutes KCU=80 and 70 J/cm2; TS =550 и 600 Н/mm2; δ=22 and 2%. However, welding seam has a propensity for knife-line corrosion.


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