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Round, sheet, wire, pipe 37H12N8G8МFB (EI481)


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Steel 37KH12N8G8MFB-sh (ЭИ481-sh) is one of the hard-alloyed heat-resistant alloys of austenitic class. Steel contains 12% chromium, 8% manganese and Nickel, 0.37 percent carbon, up to 1.5% vanadium and molybdenum, up to 0.5% of niobium, as well as additives of phosphorus and sulfur — hundredths of a percent. The base is iron. The purpose of alloying is to improve the heat resistance and heat resistance ability, resistance to aggressive environments. Steel production is carried out in an open arc furnace. Circle of steel ХН68ВКТЮ-VI produced hot-rolled method and by using calibration — to make products precise outer diameter.

The percentage composition of (GOST 5632−72)

C Si V Cr Cu Mn Ni Mo S P Nb Fe Impurities
0,34−0,4 0,3−0,8 Of 1.25−1.5 11−13 ≤0.3 mm 7,5−9,5 7−9 1,25−1,4 ≤0,03 ≤0,035 0,25−0,45 Basis ≤0.3 mm

Technological processing

Hot forming of semi-finished products is carried out in a temperature range of 1170 °C at the beginning of the process and 850 °C at the end. Steel after deformation cooled. In accordance with the first mode is cooled in water, oil or air, and according to the second mode — the cooling is performed with water, followed by aging products for 4−4. 5 hours. Welding is carried out with the help of electrodes KTI-762.


High-temperature pipe and round 37KH12N8G8MFB-sh are used in the energy engineering industry (manufacture of machinery and equipment for power) in the pulp and paper industry and in industrial chemistry. Fasteners, transitions, fittings, and other fittings required for installation working with a limited lifespan. They are designed for operation to a temperature of 600−650°C the Joints in this case should have the same requirements for heat resistance and heat resistance that not only depends on the choice of welding materials and modes of welding and heat treatment at the end of the process.


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