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ER385 welding wire


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
10Х16Н25АМ6 H-66 Buy from stock, view availability


Corrosion-resistant welding wire of grade ER385 is manufactured according to RD 03−613−03, GOST 2246−70, and technical conditions 1220 -005−84, 823 540−2010. This wire is applied for welding of constructions made of different high-strength, low-alloyed and carbon alloyed steels. This wire is also utilized for edge-banding of steel goods in compound with austenitic steels. Welding of the most critical structures is performed with a help of austenitic steels of grades: 30ChGSN2A, 30ChGSA. It can also be performed with alloyed and low-alloyed steels without heat treatment in quenched state and their combination with low-alloyed steels. Wire is used for deposit welding (welding) and manufacture of different grades of electrodes (OK 63.30 and OK 67.62).


It is delivered in bobbins (85−100 kg), wire-frame metallic coils K415, K300, plastic coils D200, 300. Available diameter of wire: 1 mm; 1,2; 1,6 mm; 2; 2,5 mm; 3, 4, 5 mm (we can make a required diameter to order).

Percentage composition GOST 2246−70

C Si Mn Ni S P Cr Mo N Fe
0.08 — 0.12 up to 0.6 1 — 2 24 — 27 up to 0.018 up to 0.025 15 — 17 5.5 — 7 0.1- 0.2 Basis

Mechanical characteristics of wire

Ultimate tensile strength of high-alloyed and alloyed wire complies with standards.

Diameter, mm Ultimate tensile strength of electrodes

Ultimate tensile strength, kgf/mm2 (MPa), wire for deposit welding

Welding 2,0

637−931 (65−95) kgf/mm2 (MPa)

686−1029 (70−105)
2,0 686−980 (70−100) kgf/mm2 (MPa) 784−1176 (80−120)
1,6 686−980 (70−100) kgf/mm2 (MPa) 882−1274 (90−130)
0,8 — 1,5 - 882−1323 (90−135)

Welding and technical characteristics

Welding wire for deposit welding of metal is used in argon environment (inert gas) in order to increase a quality of formation of filling, root, facing seam layers and to regulate arc burning. Welding is performed with welding flux (OK Flux 10.93 and its analogues).

Mechanical characteristics (testing during welding under flux) of welded metal

Grade Ultimate tensile strength TS, MPa Contraction ratio [%] Yield stress limit YS Impact hardness
ER385 586,4 34 376,2 93,3

Seam of weld metal is not disposed to intercrystalline corrosion.

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