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Copper-Nickel alloys


Copper-Nickel alloys are used for parts of a special purpose, After heat treatment the alloy is hardened. Annealing takes place at a temperature of 900−1000°C in water and aging at a temperature of 500−600°C. At low temperature the material retains flexibility and strength. It doesn’t rust in water. Rupture strength in the aged condition at room temperature is greater than 600 MPa. When the temperature drops to -180°C resistance up to 700 MPa.


Manufacture of parts of special purpose, which have a high strength and a high level of corrosion resistance, for example, in shipbuilding, for, springs, propellers, surgery for the manufacture of medical instrument, radiotechniques electrical elements. Copper-Nickel alloys have high resistance, they are used in cryogenic engineering.


Alloy prepared in induction electric furnace. Since the doping element is the Nickel, the compound acquires the following qualities: ·strength, corrosion and shock resistance. The rate at which is produced an alloy of copper and Nickel, as well as marking reglamentary GOST 859−2001.Alloying has a multifaceted effect on the quality of the material. The Nickel gives the alloy ductility; corrosion resistance; wear resistance. Chromium increases the hardness, corrosion resistance. The proportion of manganese is above 1% increases the impact strength, wear resistance. Copper increases the ductility, prevents rusting.


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