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TU 14-1-899-74

The Ministry of ferrous metallurgy of the USSR

Council of Ministers of the USSR
Registered and entered in the register
state registration
03.06.74 No. 119179

UDC 169.14−426−142

Group В73


THAT 14−1-899−74
(instead CMTU 1−188−67)

The introduction of 01/06.74 g For the period 01.01.80 to G.

Sheet 1
THAT 14−1-899−74

These specifications apply to cold drawn wire of precision alloy 40KKHNM for the manufacture of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant springs.


1.1. Wire comes Ø0,5−6,0 mm with a step size of 4 group GOST 2771−57. Acceptable deviation of the diameter according to GOST 2771−57, the precision group ГТ4.

1.2. The roundness of the wire must not exceed half of the limit deviation for diameter.

Note: it is allowed to butt weld the wire to the redistribution, with the exception of the last redistribution. Defects of welds acceptance a sign is not.


2.1. The chemical composition of the alloy 40KKHNM must match what is specified in GOST 10994−64.

2.2. Wire is supplied in cold-worked condition with a degree of deformation of 25−45%.

For wire diameter less than 0.8 mm the degree of deformation is not specified.

2.3. The surface of the wire is specified in GOST 14118−69.

Sheet 2
THAT 14−1-899−74

2.4. Mechanical properties of wire are tested in the delivery condition in the delivery condition + dispersion hardening at a temperature of 450−500°C for 4 hours.

The value must conform to the standards specified in table 1.

Table 1

Condition, heat treatment of samples Tensile strength, kgf/mm2 The number of kinks
1. Delivery condition n. m. 140 n. m. 9
2. Delivery condition + dispersion hardening at a temperature of 450 ± 10 °C for 4 hours. n. m. 150 n. m. 5

Note: Wire with a diameter of more than 2 mm at the inflection is not tested.


3.1. Test methods, packing and marking shall be in accordance with GOST 14118−69.


4.1. Pricing according to Appendix.

Joined: 26.04.74 G.
Head. the technical Department of TSNIICHM /Kaplan A. S./


The Annex to THAT 14−1-899−74
(instead CMTU 1−188−67)


The wholesale price of x/t wire of steel grade 40KKHNM new THAT calculated the normative-parametric method according to the «regulations», approved by No. 10−15/2935 7/CP-72.

As analog adopted a wire of the same brand for CMTU 1−188−67, the prices of which are approved by Supplement No. 4 to the price list 01−05.

To the wire on the new TU in comparison with the equivalent shall meet the following additional requirements:

  40KKHNM on new TU Mark-analogue 40KKHNM at CMTU 1−188−67
Chem. composition    
Manganese 1,8−2,2 1,7−2,3
Surface Permitted defects with a depth not exceeding half of the limit deviations according to GOST 14118−69 Permitted defects that do not produce wire for the limits of permissible deviations
Mechanical properties Mandatory rationing for all sizes Mandatory rationing for Ø0,5−3,55 mm, Ø 3.5 mm optional

The wholesale price of basic wire size ø 4 mm for new THAT is defined by the formula:

CC = (CB ± CC x DF) x (1±PP/100) ± PR (34,8+0,7+0,15) x (1+2/100) TSO — 36.50,
where CB = 34 rubles and 80 kopecks per kg of wire brand of analogue EXT. 4 to prask. 01−05;
TSM = 0 RUB 70 kopecks (2%) — the difference in the price of the metal of a new brand and a base (the difference in price
metal by narrowing the limits for manganese). Foundation: prask. 01−03 p. 403;
Ku = 1.5 factor increase in the difference in the price of the metal of the base and new grades of steel
Annex 2 to the «Position» from 7/12.72, No. 10−15/2935.


The Annex to THAT 14−1-899−74

PP = 2% for mandatory regulation of the mechanical properties according to Annex No. 1
to the «Position» from 7/12.72, No. 10−15/2935.

On the wire the other the size of the wholesale prices determined based on the base size, with coefficients of correlation of wholesale prices of wire of appropriate dimensions of the brand-analogue placed in the additional 4 to prask. 01−05.

The brand name Specifications The wholesale price in rubles and kopecks per 1 kg of wire, diameter in mm
0,1−0,5 0,56−0,80 Of 0.90−1.10 1,2−2,5 2.8 to 3.0 4,0−5,0 5,6−8,0
Mark-analogue 40KKHNM CMTU 1−188−67 38−67 37−49 36−90 36−13 35−30 34−80 34−10
The ratio of ratios   1,111 1,077 1,060 1,038 1,014 1,0 0.980-x
Wholesale brand
THAT 14−1-899−74 40−63 39−39 38−76 37−96 37−08 36−57 35−84

Wholesale price agreed:
Head. Department cost, profitability 16.04.74 G.
and pricing of ICM /VI Chaplanov/