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Rod, wire, pipe, sheet, strip made of CuZn40Sn


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Technical characteristics

Brasses possess good mechanical properties. They are widely used in manufacture of different details (even the smallest), especially where are required perfect treatability and formability. There are obtained high-quality castings because brass possesses perfect yielding and minimum tendency to liquidation. All types of brasses can be easily exposed to plastic deformation. They are mostly intended to be used for manufacture of rolled semi-fabricates such as sheets, strips, bands, wire, various section.

Brass CuZn40Sn

Cu Zn Sn% Fe% and Pb% P% Sb% and Bi%
61−63% 35,6−38,3% 0,7−1,1% up to 0,1% 0.01% 0,005% and 0,002%

All types of brass possess high mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Due to the cheapness of brass, it has the widest application in many spheres of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical characteristics at 20 °C
Mill-products YS (MPa) TS (MPa)

δ5 (%)

ψ %
Hard alloy 680−750   5−10  
Soft alloy 380−430   38−44  

Brass types

All brasses are divided into two-component and multi-component. Two-component are copper-zinc alloys; multi-component are special brasses. Two-component brasses contain 88−97% of copper and are called tombak. Those ones which contain 79−80% of copper are called low brasses. Names of such complex brasses are given by their additional element in composition (except for zinc). For example, if brass contains aluminum except for zinc, it will be called aluminium brass. By technological concept, there are distinguished deformable and casting brasses.

There are can be added aluminium, tin, manganese, silicon, nickel, plumb, iron in the capacity of additional components. All above-mentioned additives significantly increase corrosion resistance, fluidity, strength. Plumb improves curability.

Multi-component brass of grade CuZn40Sn can be easily pressure treated. It differs with perfect corrosion resistance. This grade is widely used in manufacture of such semi-fabricates as pipe, sections, sheets. It is also very popular in instrument engineering and manufacture of condensers.

Semi-fabricates made of deformable brasses are manufactured in soft, hard or extra hard state. Casting brasses are often smelted out of secondary junk.

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