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Installations with a three-roller rolling mill


Pipe rolling mills with three-roller mill: available in two sizes: 50-200 and 40-160. The advantage of these mills is the high accuracy of the tubes, the possibility of complex automation and the fast transition to rolling of tubes of other sizes.


The tolerances for the outer diameter in tube rolling are ±0.5 % and +6 % for the wall thickness. Due to such precision, metal consumption is reduced when the tube is turned.

Production technology

The plants with three-roller rolling mill consisting of a piercing mill, mandrel extractor, three-roller forming and rolling mills, special furnaces, a cooling bed and a five-stand calibration mill. The billet for rolling is a round rod; it is divided into regular-length sections using a hydraulic press. The round billet is heated in a circular heating furnace to 1150-1250°С, and pierced in a casing in the piercing mill. Next, the hot tubes (t ° 1000-1100 ° C) pass through the rolling on a long mandrel sleeve.


The mill is fitted with three rolls, which rotate in one direction. In relation to the rolling axis the rolls are arranged strictly symmetrically. The rolls' axes are inclined horizontally to the rolling axis at a rolling angle of p°, usually 7°. In the vertical plane, the axes of the rolls are inclined to the rolling axis at an angle of 4° to 10° (the angle depends on the size of the tubes being rolled).

Tapers .

Each roll has four sections: the comb, the rolling cone, the gripping cone and the calibrating cone. The gripping cone deforms the metal by reducing the diameter of the pipe and by rolling out the pipe wall on a long mandrel. Deformation of the wall occurs mainly at the crest of the roll. The rolling cone rolls out the tube wall, smoothing the surface over the entire length. The rounding of the outside diameter takes place at the calibrating cone and also facilitates removal of the tube from the mandrel.

Rolling in a Rolling Mill

The rolling process in a rolling mill is similar to roll piercing. The rolls, which rotate to one side, grab the shell and it receives a rotary movement. Because of the inclination of the rolls, the sleeve also receives a translational movement. The rolled tube is reheated to 1,000°C in the preheating furnace and then taken to the rolling mill (5-stand or 3-roll mill), where the outside diameter is calibrated. The finished tube is sent to a cooling table.


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