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Metal germanium

Technical Characteristics.

Group 4 element of the periodic system of D.I. Mendeleev, chemical symbol Ge. Atomic number 32, It was discovered in 1886 by the German scientist Winkler, who named the element after his homeland, Germany. In nature, it does not occur in a free form, but only as an impurity in sedimentary rocks, nickel tungsten ores, silicates, coals, thermal waters, and peat. It accumulates in algae.

Specific gravity 5.33 g/cm³
Atomic weight 72,59
Oxidation state +3,
Melting point 937 °C
Boiling point 2830°C
Specific heat of melting 36.8 kJ/mol

This fusible metal is characterized by increased brittleness and a melting point of 937 °C. It is, however, a classic semiconductor and is used in the manufacture of radio electronics and electrical engineering. As for germanium alloys, they have good resistance to the aggressive influence of acidic environments. This quality is appreciated by industries such as experimental physics and chemistry, instrumentation and mechanical engineering.


This element is used in the form of high-frequency single crystals for the manufacture of diodes, photoresistors and photodiodes, sensors, parts of X-ray equipment, spectroscopes. The element is also used in jewelry, thanks to its manufacturability. Some germanium alloys are used as anti-corrosive coatings or solders.


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