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Metal tin

Technical Characteristics

This soft fusible metal is another of the most common non-ferrous metals. Its main advantages are ductility, corrosion resistance and good processability. Another unqualified advantage is non-toxicity, which allows for a significant expansion of the scope of application.

Specific weight of Sn 7.31 g/cm³
Atomic weight 118,7
Oxidation degree +2, +4
Melting point 231,9 °C
Boiling point 2600 °C
Specific heat of melting 7.07 kJ/mol

Tin alloys have been known to mankind since the Bronze Age and its popularity in industry remains at a high level to this day. This metal is widely used in food industry as an alloying element, and also serves as a mandatory component of almost all solders and antifriction alloys.


The production of tin ores in the world has tended to increase in recent years, and it is attributed to the development of electronics and the growing demand for lead-free solders. According to global statistics, tin mining and production are concentrated in the following countries: China, Indonesia and South American countries such as Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. They are the undisputed leaders in the production of this metal.


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