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Molybdenum rod (bar)


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Molybdenum bar (rod) possesses unique mechanical strength, refractory quality, and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum bar (rod) does not fracture in aggressive liquid or gaseous environments. It has high module of elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion. Such advantages allow using it in the most complicated technological conditions. In comparison to tungsten bar, molybdenum bar (rod) is half lighter. That is why it has high strength-to-density ratio (up to 1370 °С).

Physical properties

Description Identification
Temperature of characteristic receiving in °С 20°С
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1/°С] 4.9x10−6
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 2620°С
Specific heat at 20 °C [J/(kg/deg)] 0.256
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 142
Specific electric resistance R Оhm-mm2/m 0.054

Chemical properties

Molybdenum is resistant in cold alkalis, but it slowly fractures in hot alkalis. It is dissolved in salt or sulfuric acid at 80 °C. Nitric and chloro-nitric acids dissolve it only after reaching 100 °C. Additives of carbon, oxygen, silicon, aluminium, nitrogen, iron, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus greatly increase its properties. The main part of these additives increases its brittleness. The most detrimental additive is oxygen. If it constitutes 0.0008−0.004%, easy-melting oxides can lead to sharp increase of material brittleness that obstructs metal flow (especially if there are present carbon and nitric). With increasing of oxygen percentage (more than 0.015%), pressure treatment becomes impossible because of brittleness.


Molybdenum relates to rare-earth elements. It is hardly isolated in a pure state.
Besides, it is refractory and hardly processed metal. All these things affect its high self-cost.

Manufacture of molybdenum bar

Mo grade Surface condition Tolerance extreme of diameter, mm Diameter and interval Length, mm (More than) Length, mm (Not more than)
MCH Non-turned ± 0,5 16. 350  
MCH ---«--- ± 1,0 16 — 20/1 350  
MCH ---«--- ± 1,5 20 — 28/2 200  
MCH ---«--- ± 2,0 28 — 40/2 150  
MCH Turned ± 0,5 16 100 500
MCH ---«--- ± 0,8 16 — 20/1 100 500
MCH Turned ± 0,8 20 — 36/2 100 500
MCHWP Non-turned ± 0,5 16 250  
---«--- ---«--- ± 1,0 16 — 20/1 250  
MCHWP ---«--- ± 1,5 20 — 28/2 200  
---«--- ---«--- ± 2,0 28 — 40/2 200  
MCHWP Non-turned ± 2,5 40 — 6 0 / 2 150  
---«--- ---«--- ± 2,5 60 — 125/5 100  
MCHWP Turned ± 0,5 16 100 500
---«--- ---«--- ± 0,8

16 — 20/1

20 — 36/2

36 — 60/2

100 500
MCHWP Turned  

16 — 20/1

20 — 36/2

36 — 60/2

100 500
MCHWP Turned  

16 — 20/1

20 — 36/2

36 — 60/2

100 500
MCHWP Turned ± 1,0 60 — 120/5 100 500

All bars must be straight. Bending must not exceed 1% of length. Color of bars: from black to dark-grey. Thickness of MoSi0.03 bar constitutes up to 11 mm; MRN and MCH thickness constitutes more than 15 mm. There is allowed nominal length deviation (10% of bar length). Ends must be smoothly cut. There are allowed only insignificant shearing distortions. Forged bars can have marks of oxidation and processing. This does not contradict to technical conditions. Surface must not have laminations, cracks, large fins. There is allowed presence of small fins and restriking marks. According to technical conditions, MPR bars can have singular large fins.


Molybdenum bar is intended for manufacture of products that operate in conditions of high mechanical loads and temperatures. It is indispensable for hot pressure working of steel alloys and steel (matrix, piercer plugs, extrusion stems). There can be manufactured compression molds and cores for equipment that intended for casting of copper, zinc, aluminium alloys under pressure. Molybdenum bars are applied for welding of heat resistant and low-alloyed steels. Molybdenum bars are used in glass industry in the capacity of thimbles and consumable electrodes for glass melting.

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