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NiFe50 permalloy pipe


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
50NP 50 1.3927 K94840 NiFe50 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Alloys on iron basis, alloyed with nickel, mangan, copper, cobalt relate to soft-magnetic alloys. Extra-pure ferromagnet iron or low-carbon electrotechnical steels (unalloyed, siliceous) also relate to this category. They are precision low-coercive alloys with iron-nickel basis. Such alloys are smelted in special metallurgic furnaces. Prepared ingots are exposed to further forging and cogging. Soft-magnetic alloys have an increased induction of technical saturation and raised magnetic inductive capacity. They are utilized in manufacture of transformers and magnetic cores of variable magnetic field. They are also used in radio engineering, an electrotechnical sphere of industry and in automation systems, teleautomatics, computationally measuring equipment.


Permalloy is used in manufacturing cores of small-sized and high-power transformers, relay actuators, chokes and details of magnetic circuits that are exploited while working at increased induction with a small bias or without it. Possessing a high magnitude of initial permeability, soft-magnetic alloy NiFe50 is capable of magnetizing to saturation on weak fields.

Percentage composition according to GOST 10 994 — 74

P Fe Cu S Si Mn Ni C
≤0,02 48.33 — 50.55 ≤ 0.2 ≤0,02 0.15 — 0.3 0.3 — 0.6 49,0−50.5 ≤0.03

Permalloy is smelted in open arc furnace. A usage of special masteralloys gives a material the most precious properties (elastic, magnet, heating, electrical). This steel possesses balanced technological characteristics due to which it is so popular. Tubes of NiFe50 grade are used in spheres of precision machine tool building, an accurate instrument engineering, innovative technologies.

Mechanical properties at a temperature 20 °C

Products Heat treating Diameter y KCU d5 sT sv F.e. Heat treating
Pipe Annealing temperature: mm % kJ/m2   MPa MPa    
Annealing 450−550°С 25       245 440   annealing


By virtue of unique physical and mechanical properties, permalloy is widely used in a modern industry. Unique properties of a material are conditioned by its balanced composition. With an appearance of a materials of a new generation, there has become a possibility to improve many technological processes and to provide a long-term and reliable work of equipment in a wide temperature range.

Physical characteristics

Description Identification
Modulus of elasticity of first kind [MPa] E
Heating capacity of material (or coefficient of conductivity for heat) [V/(m/degree] l
Required temperature for obtaining of actual features, [Degree] T
Linear expansion thermal coefficient [1/degree] (range of temperatures 20°С) a
Electrical unit-area resistance [Ohm-m] R
Density of a material [kg/m3] r
Specific heat of a material [J/(kg/degree)] (range of temperature 20°С) C

Magnetic characteristics

Description Identification
Coercive field (not higher) [A/m] Hc
Magnetical inductive capacity (not higher) [mH/m] Umax
Specific loss (not higher) 50 hz of frequency, magnetic induction 1.0 Т[ B/kg ] P1.0/50
Magnetic T induction, magnetic field strength no less than 100, in magnetic field [A/m] B100

Mechanical characteristics

Description Identification
Short resistance to rupture [MPa] sv
Flow limit (proportional limit load) for permanent change of form [MPa] sT
Percent elongation at fracture [ % ] d5
Contraction ratio [ % ] y
Impact hardness [ kJ/m2] KCU
Brinell hardness [MPa] HB


Type Description
limitedly weldable welding is possible at heating to 100−120°С and last heat treating
hardly weldable in order to obtain a qualitative welded joints, it is necessary to perform the following operations: while welding to heat it up to 200−300°C, heat treating (annealing) after welding
weldable without stint welding is done without further heat treating or previous heating

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