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Wire, rod, bar, Kovar, Nilo

Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
29NK 1.3981 K94610 NiCo29-18 Buy from stock, view availability
29NK-t 1.3981 K94610 NiCo29-18 Buy from stock, view availability
29NK-m 1.3981 K94610 NiCo29-18 Buy from stock, view availability


A wire of grades Kovar, Nilo is used in different industries and electrotechnics. Modern television technology and radioelectronics can not be imagined without using iron-nickel materials. Grids for radio-valve, SHF devices, cathodes and high-ohmic wires of thermal compensation for thermocouples are made of this material. It is indispensable in electroforming at a manufacturing electrodes. It is used in electric-spark machines. With a help of a current, there realizes a controlled matter destruction. In electrochemistry, it is called a catalysis. Kovar is a very convenient source of a pure nickel for such an operation, because in its composition there is a nickel of a very high purity — 99,5%. The rest part constitutes a tithe magnesium, silicon, arsenic, carbon, stannum, phosphorus. Due to Kovar alloy’s propensity to corrosion, there is needed a protective nickel spattering. Under such conditions, kovar becomes a material for obtaining nickel, which applies later on a detail in vacuum conditions. Unfailing customers of such productions are the Institutes of Physics and research laboratories. A manufacture of computer technology and household items can not go without nickel alloys. It makes possible to avoid a forming of electric couple with the other nickel details


A wire is used in such conditions:

1) hammer-hardened — for increasing a reliance under cold pressure;

2) soft (can also be called an annealed wire) -this wire can be manufactured out of siliceous nickel or out of alloy of nickel and mangan. Alloy of siliceous type is used in electronics; nickel-mangan alloy is used in aerial candles, mercury rectifiers, internal combustion engines.


Kovar wire is used according to GOST 2179−75. It must meet the most severe requirements. Its cover must be clean and must not have any cracks. An evenness or a slope from a required diameter must not exceed a permissible GOST limit. Generally, the thinnest filament Kovar, Nilo is made to order, with a diameter of few microns. To achieve such sizes, it is necessary to have close control equipment. Nickel is a consistent and highly malleable metal. Due to these features, it is capable of rolling them into thinnest products.

Percentage composition GOST 10994−74

P S C Cr Ti Al Cu Si Mn Ni Co Fe
≤0.015 ≤0.015 ≤0,03 ≤0,1 ≤0,1 ≤0,2 ≤0,2 ≤0,3 ≤0,4 29 17−18


Wire, rod, bar Kovar, Nilo are certificated. A quality is guaranteed by rigorous technology compliance of manufacture. Our managers are always ready to lend a knowledgeable assistance. A large assortment will not leave you without a choice. Connect us in a convenient way to you. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses of the closest company’s offices are located in section «Contacts». Order a service «Call-back» and our manager will help you to choose products that will fit individual requirements.


Used in manufacture of various components of radio-electronic devices. Such a magnetic precision alloy has a low index of heat expansion (at a range of 20 — 400°C) and a high heat resistance (19V/m°С,). It forms a very consistent, hermetic joint, positioning it as an indispensable material in manufacturing electro-vacuum devices. Such an alloy (containing ferrum in its basis) corrodes in conditions of a high humidity. That is why it requires a special protective cover. Automatic arc welding is done with a help of welding wire of grade 04H20N10G2B that consists of anti-corrosive steel. It is often used at a high humidity for welding metallic structures in nuclear and power engineering industries.

Physical characteristics of alloy

Degree 1/Degree kg/m3 J/(kg/deg) V/(m/deg) MPa Ohm-m
20 10.7 8.2 - - 1.45


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