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Wire, rod made of Incoloy 800

Pipe Incoloy 800 wire, rod Incoloy 800 sheet


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
XN32T EP670 1.4876 N08800 X10CrNiAlTi32-21 Buy from stock, view availability
XN32T EP670 1.4876 N08810 X10CrNiAlTi32-21 Buy from stock, view availability
XN32T EP670 1.4876 N08811 X10CrNiAlTi32-21 Buy from stock, view availability

Main properties

Density = 8,16 g/cm³, coefficient of linear expansion = 13,7 (1/deg. K.). Mechanical properties of wire depend on its temperature. A wire has heat conduction coefficient in a range of 15,9 — 23,4 V/(m•deg. K). Steel has a high weldability by virtue of good chemical composition. It allows making the most complicated constructions without use of special equipment and without additional heat treatment in the end of welding.

Chemical composition

Cr Ni Fe Ti Si Mn P Al C S
19−22 30−34 41.5−50.75 0.25−0.6 ≤0,7 ≤0,7 ≤0,03 ≤. 0.5 0.05 ≤0,02;

Technical values

Wire, bar made of Incoloy 800 (HN32T) operate at a temperature <1100ºС in aggressive chemical environment. Due to a high content of nickel and chrome, details that are made of this alloy have a high corrosive resistance. Wire surface does not oxidize at durable exploitation or at a high temperature. Such a wire is malleable. This makes it popular in a manufacture of electrical and industrial appliances. It possesses a resistance in oxidising atmosphere if there are present ammonia and nitrogen.


Despite corrosion resistance, however, an alloy of actual steel performs a brittle behaviour in sulphide and sulphuric atmospheres. Due to a content of expensive chrome, nickel and titanium in composition of alloy, pipes have a high price. But a the same time they are more reliable. A cost is offset by their durability and lasting-quality of a material.


Incoloy 800 (HN32T) wire is utilized in heaters of electric furnaces, in baking furnaces and kilns, in devices of thermal effects, in home appliances. HN32T wire is much-needed in rheostats and resistor elements; in manufacture of vacuum device elements, copper plates of increased reliability. It is also can be used in a function of cutting or heating element in packing thermal knives; in industrial and household air-heating and water-heating systems. In manufacture of springs, a wire length determines on the basis of objective power. HN32T wire is widely used in aggressive environment in the capacity of chemically resistant alloy. Nowadays, the widest application of HN32T wire is found in petrochemical mechanical engineering.

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