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Pipe, rod made of HN45MWTJUBR


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HN45MWTJUBR steel is one of the wide-spread steels through a stainless metal-roll. This grade is widely used in mechanical engineering. One of the highly-requested products is a pipe. It can withstand a heating of >1000 °C in high-temperature installations.


HN45MWTJUBR grade relates to high-alloyed steels. Well-chosen components of composition conduce to increasing of physical and chemical characteristics. It is called nickel-chromium due to its main components: nickel and chrome. According to GOST, HN45MWTJUBR steel contains chrome (15−23%) in its composition. If a content of chrome exceeds 24%, it retards a useful function execution of steel. As a consequence, there reduces an alloy workability. Steel composition must contain 45% of nickel, masteralloys of wolframium, molybdenum, aluminium, titanium. Alloying has to be done for increasing workable features (a heat-resistance, a resistance to aggressive environment). A superfluous alloying increases alloy cost. In this regard, this process is performed very economically. A steel must be workable; its operational factors must comply with a required level. Heat-resisting steel of HN45MWTJUBR grade is an embodiment of optimum balance of cost and quality.


It is necessary to follow rigorous technology based standards while manufacturing HN45MWTJUBR pipes. This steel manufactures in open arc furnace. Tube rolling is done at a temperature of 1180 °C at the beginning, and at 900 °C in the end of process. After deformation, steel should be cooled. According to a first pattern, there must be done a cooling in water, in oil, or in air. During a second pattern, cooling is done with a help of water with further holding (4−5 hours). Welding of HN45MWTJUBR pipes is done with a help of electrode CT-19. Rod is manufactured with a help of hot-rolled method (with a diameter of 5−270 mm). However, a lot of fabricators can overstep bounds of standard if there appear some customer’s demands. There are three levels of rod strength: high, increased, and standard.

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