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Pipe made of titanium grade 2


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Pipe of titanium grade 2 is manufactured out of titanium alloy of high purity. It is very soft, heat resistant, resistant to corrosion under effect of aggressive environment. It can work at a temperature range of -253°С +650° С. It has small density (4,505 g/cm3), insignificant coefficient of linear expansion, very high plasticity of 20−80% that allows putting it into any shape.

Pipe of titanium grade 2 Heat treatment Wall thickness Plasticity δ% Strength (MPa) KCU J/cm³
Welded Annealing 1.5 — 2 mm more than 15% 392 — 540 ---
Seamless Annealing 1 — 4 mm more than 15% 392 — 540 ---
Seamless Annealing 0.5 — 2 mm more than 20% 392 — 540 --
Of cast section Condition of supply --- 43.9% 409 179
Pressed Hot-pressed 5 — 20 mm more than 13% 324 — 540 ---
Of cast section Condition of supply --- 40.3% 418 140
Conventional technology Condition of supply --- 17.5% 448 ---


The main demerit is high ratio of labour to output. Titanium smelts only in an environment of inert gasses or in vacuum as long as a liquid-alloy can actively engage with any atmospheric gasses. Pipe of grade 2 is hard to cut. However, its strength (390−540 MPa) is not the highest among analogous alloys.


There can be manufactured such types out of titanium pipes grade 2: welded and seamless, hot-rolled and cold-rolled. Upon completion of blanks forming, it should be rolled by size and treated. Welded titanium pipes are manufactured out of flat mill-products. Hot-rolled and cold-rolled pipes must be treated with a thermal method.


It is used in chemical, oil-gas industry. Pipes of titanium grade 2 have high anti-corrosion characteristics, chemical inertnes. They are biologically inert. Due to this, they are used in medicine, pharmaceutics. Its non-magnetization gives significant advantages at installation of electrical technologies.

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