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Rod, wire, pipe, bar made of zirconium


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
KTC100 E100 Buy from stock, view availability
KTC110 E110 Buy from stock, view availability
KTC125 E125 Buy from stock, view availability
Zr 700 3.2700 R60700 Buy from stock, view availability
R60705 Buy from stock, view availability
702 3.2702 R60702 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Zirconium is greyish-steel color metal with yellowish tint. It is obtained by remelting of zirconium refuses and out of mining concentrate. Zirconium differs with forgeability, plasticity. It is almost identical to gold. It is corrosion resistant, heat resistant and paramagnetic metal. Zirconium is resistant to effect of seawater, alkalis, ammonia, acids. It can defer a radiation. It does not lose its properties in conditions of cryogenic and high temperatures. Usually, zirconium is applied in alloy with other metals for which zirconium gives its extraordinary properties and increases workability.

Physical properties of Zr

Description Identification
Atomic (molar) weight mole/h 91.224
Oxidation rate 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 1855°С
Melting heat kJ/mole 19.2
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 22.7
Evaporation heat kJ/mole 567

Percentage composition of zirconium grades

Grade Second name Zr+Hf Be Nb Hf Ni Cr Ti Al O Pb
KTC 110 E110 gost 99.5 0.003 0.9−1.1 0.01 0.02 0.02 0.007 0.008 0.10 0.005
KTC 100 E100 gost 99.7 0.0005 - 0.01 0.01 0.005 0.007 0.005 0.14 0.005
KTC 125 E125 gost 99.5 0.003 2.4−2.7 0.01 0.02 0.02 0.007 0.008 0.06−0.1 0.005

Percentage composition of foreign zirconium grades

UNS Grade Zr+Hf H Fe+Cr Hf O C N
R60700 Zr 700 99.2 0.005 0.2 4,5 0.1 0.05 0.025
R60705 Zr 705 95.5 0.005 0.2 4.5 0.18 0.05 0.025
R60702 Zr 702 99.2 0.005 0.2 4.5 0,16 0.05 0.025


Dioxide ZrO2, baddeleyite minerals, zirconium are used in manufacture of refractory bricks, lining of metallurgical furnaces. Zirconium alloying is used for refractory tubes melting crucibles. Ukraine invented a manufacturing method of high assortment of pipe on a basis of zirconium grade KTC 110. Such pipes can be used in pile envelop heat-exchangers, in a composition of NPP components.


Heart Centre in Nizhniy Novgorod undertook a study. Thin zirconium plate in X-ray unit hindered radiation much better that a few layers of protective lead soaker. As a result, there were proven that zirconium actively occludes and cancel the harmful radiation. Regular wearing of zirconium items is beneficial to human health. At chronic illnesses, healing begins after exacerbation period. That is why there is recommended to remove an item and after a while to put it on again when sense of discomfort passes off. Recuperation begins after a few cycles of treatment.


Jewellers were attracted with unique properties of this metal since olden times as long as anodized zirconium can assume any tint by offering the endless possibilities of artistic brainchild. If you want to wear something extraordinary and unique, you should pay attention to zirconium. Zirconium prettiests are very elegant and have a fine design. That is why they are highly valuated in world market.

Other spheres

Due to biological inertness, high resistance to effect of acids, superheated steam, and aggressive industrial environment, zirconium tubes are used in chemical, paper-making, food industries, manufacture of steam condensers and injection needles.

Zirconium bars

They can be casted, hot and cold deformed (cold-rolled and hot-pressed), forged (by cold forging method). Diameter constitutes 4.5−81 mm; length is not more than 7400 mm. Bars are made out of zirconium alloys with a content of niobium in composition (1−2.5%) and out of resistant to corrosion zirconium of grade E635 gost. By manufacturing accuracy, bars are divided into two groups: high and standard accuracy. Zirconium bars serve as bearing material in manufacture of fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors and fuel elements. Different FA elements and plugs of fuel elements are manufactured out of such bars.

Iodide bars

Such bars are the special type of products of the purest zirconium. Such zirconium is obtained by method of iodide purifying. There can be made electrodes, vacuum tools, pockets out of these bars.

Cold-rolled sheets

Zirconium sheets are manufactured by cold rolling out of zirconium alloys doped with niobium up to 2.5%. They are annealed in vacuum and their surface is etched. Zirconium sheets have high corrosion resistance. They are used in the capacity of material for manufacture of fuel cover magazines. They are also intended to be used for manufacture of chemical reactor parts and ship hulls.


They are manufactured by cold rolling out of zirconium alloys with a diameter of 0.7−4.0 mm. It contains 1−2.5% of niobium in its composition. Wire is applied for welding of tubular details that work at condition of high radioactive background and manufacture of assembly channel of fuel elements.

Zirconium cathodes

They usually contain different equivalence ratio. They are utilized for applying of wear-resistant covering on a surface in the capacity of nitrides, oxinitrides, oxides and other zirconium compounds. Such coverings are applied on cutting ends of tools made of hard alloys and high-speed steels, on turbine blades, elements of friction couple (bushings, barrels). This significantly increases their operational life. Zirconium cathodes are also used in dentistry for applying of zirconium covering on teeth crownwork.

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