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C95400 bronze mill-products


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Technical characteristics

UNS C95400 is aluminium bronze alloy, which relates to European bronze mill-products. This alloy can contain 5−12% of aluminium. It has a gold color. This alloy possesses high corrosive resistance. Chemical formula is CuAl11Fe4. Alloy contains Cu (85%), Fe (4%), Al (11%).

Percentage composition of European bronze UNS C95500: (ASTM B505)

Cu Fe Al Residual elements
84- 86.5 3.8- 4.3 10.5- 11.5 ≤ 0.5

Physical characteristics of the alloy

1) Density — 7.45 g/cm3;

2) Melting point — 1025 — 1040 °C (1877 — 1900°F).

Mechanical characteristics of material

1) Brinell hardness (in casted condition 3000 kg) is 170;

2) Brinell hardness is 195;

3) Rockwell hardness is 83;

4) Rockwell hardness is (TQ50) 94;

5) Tensile ultimate strength, limit (as in casted) is 515 MPa;

6) Tensile ultimate strength, limit (as in casted) is 620 MPa;

7) Shearing module of elasticity is 41.0 MPa.

Material is alloyed at a temperature of 620−660°C.


Used in bearings, high-strength jaws, chassis parts, pump details for pumping-out of mine waters are made of this alloy. It also is utilized in shipbuilding, motor-vehicle building.

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