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Rare metal mill-products


Although rare metals have become known to industry relatively recently, they are everywhere used by high-technological industries nowadays. They are explicitly won from deposit occurrences or refuses at mining of other mineral types. Nowadays, raw material resources of rare-earth elements are represented with small mining site and tremendous deposit occurrences that allow calculating mining of these metals for a few hundred years to come.

General characteristics

Geologists classify about 36 chemical elements of Mendeleev’s table to rare metals. Their exploration has extensively started less than 100 years ago. Many of those elements (rhenium, hafnium, gallium, scandium, germanium) were invented long time ago. Unlike precious metals, their properties became known only in XXth century. Primarily, people considered them exotic — hence the name of «rare metals», which is quite simulated. This name is beside the point of chemical and physical characteristics or low natural abundance. In the estimation of most explorers, modernity of practical application unites elements of this group of metals. Insufficient content of these elements in Earth crust, difficulty of technological separating processes are relevant for only some of them. It is safe to say that nowadays a term «rare metal» does not bring a direct semantic meaning because it is widely used in different industrial spheres.


Most times, rare metals are high-workable materials. For example, lithium gave a possibility to manufacture tiny and at the same time capacious batteries that can be recharged. Niobium has become a bass for manufacture of super-conducting materials that have high density of current. Tantalum is utilized in manufacture of tiny capacious condensers. Hafnium is applied in manufacture of corrosion and heat-resisting alloys. Tiny powerful permanent magnets are made out of samarium and reliable semi-conducting devices out of indium and gallium. Modern night vision devices and high-quality fibreoptics could not do without germanium.

Conducting researches, modern scientists continue developing new properties of these metals by expanding their practical application. If at the rise of exploration of rare metals they were requested only in defence industry, then nowadays, they are extensively applied in manufacture of storage containers, batteries, ceramic-tiles, plumbing fixtures, semi-conductors. Nowadays, manufacture and application of rare metals are progressing at a quick rate by superseding other metals. Demand for it growths annually for 15−25% extensively. A range of price is very extensive. A family of cadmium is close to zinc and lead; other are close to metal of platinum group (scandium, lutetium).


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