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Rod, wire, sheet, pipe, strip Multimet N155


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
R30155 Buy from stock, view availability
R30155 Buy from stock, view availability

UNS R30155- Multimet N155 ®

This alloy is a representative of heat-resistant hardened steels that have a high heat-resistance and a good corrosive resistance. An alloy is utilized in aircraft manufacturing, in surface-mounted supplements to turbine engines. Semi-fabricates of an alloy undergo cold and hot forging. A welding can be done with any standard method. Alloyed steel can be break down into 3 categories: 1) constructive, 2) toolroom, 3) high quality steels with special physical and chemical properties. Multimet N155 relates to the last category. Available forms of mill-products: rod, seamless and welded tube, wire, plate, sheet, connecting piece, flange, forging.

Chemical composition:

P Mn C S Ni Cr Si Mo Cb+Ta Co Cu Ti W Fe Al N
  1,0−2.0 0,08−0.16   19,0−21.0 20,0−22.5 1,0 2,5−3.5 0,75−1.25 18,5−21.0   3,0−3.3 2,0−3.0     0,1−0.2

Alloying produces a multidimensional effect on the steels quality. Chrome increases a hardness and prevent corrosion; nickel raises a plasticity, a workability; titanium increases a strength, a counterforce to attack and wipe-out; cobalt increases a heat-resistance, a magnetic permeability; molybdenum raises a red-hardness, firmness, resistance to corrosion at high temperatures. Mangan (higher than 1%) increases a hardness, a resistance to impact loads, a wearing quality; silicon raises a stability, resistance to corrosion.

Temperature and treatment

Modulus of elasticity (Е) х 10 3 KSI

79 ° F, annealing 29,25
450 ° F, annealing 26,3
100 ° F, annealing 24,2
79 ° F, cold working, holding 30,1
450 ° F, cold working, holding 27,8

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