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Maraging 350, Vascomax 350 circle, wire, tube, sheet, strip

Maraging 350 supplier

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Technical characteristics

Marketing general names of alloy: Maraging C350™, Vascomax® 350. An alloy relates to martensite-ageing nickel alloys. In comparison with analogous alloys, it is relatively soft, by virtue of which it is easy to deform and take to mechanical treatment. During a process of age-hardening, an alloy hardness increases to a required level for the most part of devices. Usually, such steels are used in aircraft engineering, rocket engines, models of aerodynamic tunnel, high-productive trucks, components of chassis, cog-wheels, fasteners. Available forms of mill-products: rod, seamless and welded tube, wire, plate, sheet, connecting piece, flange, forging.

Chemical composition of alloy

P Mn C S Si Ni Si Mo Cb+Ta Co Cu Ti B Fe Al Zr
0,01 0,1 0,03 0,01 0,1 18,5 0,1 4,8   12,0   1,4 0,003 The basis 0,1 0,01

An alloying produces a multidimensional effect on a steels quality. A high wearing quality, cobalt corrosive resistance, immunity to effect of elevated temperature and to molybdenum aggressive environment allow using this alloy in spheres where a work is connected with a contact of hot aggressive environments. Unique working properties afford an opportunity to use this alloy for manufacturing heat-exchange equipment, units of heavy and energetic mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. Corrosive resistance makes the alloys of this family relevant in industrial chemistry and manufacture of chemical equipment.

Stre parameters

Alloy heat treatment 0.2% of flow limit Ultimate stress limit Percentage of elongation in 4D (%) Contraction ratio (%) Hardness HB
Thermohardening 1500°F 125 MPa 148 MPa 15 70 34
Annealing + age-hardening 900°F (3 hours) 285 MPa 290 MPa 8 40 52

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