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European bronzes, copper alloys

Brief grade guide

Identification Field of utilization GOST, TC
Aluminium bronze Aluminium bronzes are used in various equipment. Due to corrosion resistance, they have an advantage in comparison with other bearing materials. Used in bearings and chassis parts in air-planes, assembly units of engines (especially for seagoing ships), submerged elements of ship hulls, water propellers of ships. 18 175−72
Copper titanium Bearing joints, casting, pharmaceutical and food processing equipment, radiation protection. 18 175−72
Leaded tin bronze and high leaded tin bronze Copper alloy 936 or Modified SAE 64 has advantages in comparison with other leaded bronze: less wear, corrosion-resistance, better conformability. Manufacture of equipment for petroleum processing plants, bearings, coolers, compressors. ---«---
Manganese bronze Manufacture of springs, membranes, anti-friction parts, flat and round springs, anti-friction parts. 1628−78
Phosphor bronze Manufacture of holding tools due to its flexibility, easiness of machining and good solderability. 18 175−78
Silicon bronze Due to high mechanical properties, flexibility and corrosion resistance, they are used for making springs, and springing parts of radio equipment. They operate at temperature up to 250 ° C in aggressive environments (fresh or sea water). 18 175−72
Tin bronze Depending on a composition, wrought bronzes differ with high mechanical, anti-corrosion, anti-friction and elastic properties. They are used in various industries. Rods, tubes, strips, wire can be manufactured of these alloys. ---«---
Beryllium Copper C17200 Manufacture of membranes, springs, spring contacts, parts that work for wear, in electronic engineering. 18 175−72
Cadmium Copper Copper-cadmium alloy with an addition of zirconium possesses high strength and is used for high-voltage power transmission lines. ---«---
Chromium Copper Resistance welding, electrodes, welding seam wheels, electrical switchgear, electrode holder jaws, cable connectors, conductive arms and shafts, switch parts, spot welding, flash welding electrodes, electrical and thermal conductors. 18 175−72
Copper Tin Structure of casted material depends on a cooling rate. Bars, pipes, strips, wires can be made out of this alloy. ---«---

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