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Wire, round, 12H17 steel, aisi 410


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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12X17 stainless steel alloy (17 EJ) refers to the type of stainless steel. Brand 12X17, aisi 410 is used for the manufacture of equipment of enterprises of food and light industry. This alloy is also used for the manufacture of bushings, rollers, fasteners and containers, and details of devices that operate in dilute solutions of citric, acetic, nitric acids, to saline solutions, which have oxidative characteristics, in the manufacture of heat exchangers, pipes, etc.


-Air temperature intensive scaling is +900 °C.

— ferritic corrosion resistant alloy, heat-resistant to temperatures of +850 °C.

-as used in the annealed condition.

— not recommended for welded structures!


Assortment GOST
Round steel with special finishing, high-quality surface 14955−77
Rolled steel round bars hot rolled 2590−2006
Rolled steel square bright bars, hot rolled 2591−2006
High precision shaped steel profiles THAT 14−11−245−88
Round, square steel, forged 1133−71
Forged, hot-rolled strips of tool steel in 4405−75
Round steel grooved 7417−75
Square steel grooved 8559−75
Steel mill products hot-rolled strip 103−2006
Grooved, steel bars, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, heat resistant 8560−78
Forged steel square, round 1133−71
Hot rolled bars, steel hex 2879−2006
Brand. Heat-resistant, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant, high-alloy 5632−72

The percentage composition of the alloy 12X17 (GOST 5632−72). The basis of iron

Si S P Mn Cr C
≤0,80 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 ≤0,80 16,0−18,0 ≤0,12

The mechanical characteristics of the alloy 12X17 t° 20°C

Condition of supply Section tисп.,°C tотпуск,°C St|S0,2, MPa sB MPa d5,% d4 d d10 y ,% KCU, kJ/m2 HB HRC HRB HV HSh
Billet parts for pipe fittings on the basis of ST CKBA 016−2005. Cooling air at t° 770−780 °C annealing, cooling air, at 780 °C annealing ≤60     ≥245 ≥392 ≥20       ≥50 ≥294 126−197        
Billet parts for pipe fittings on the basis of ST CKBA 016−2005. Cooling air at t° 770−780 °C annealing, cooling air, 780−810 °C annealing oven (20 h exposure), ≤60     ≥157 ≥392 ≥25       ≥55 ≥49 126−197        
cold-rolled (0,7−3,9 mm) hot rolled size (1.5−3.9 mm) rolled sheet on the basis of GOST 5582−75. Vacation annealing at a temperature 750−780 °C         ≥490 ≥20                    
sheet hot-rolled steel (4.0 to 25.0 mm) cold-rolled (4,0−5,0 mm) on the basis of GOST 7350−77. Vacation annealing at t° 765−780 °C, cooling air, oven.         ≥440 ≥18                    
Forged, hot rolled black bars, on the basis of GOST 5949−75. Cooling water, air, 765−785 °C annealing Sample     ≥245 ≥390 ≥20       ≥50            
hot-deformed seamless tubes in the delivery condition on the basis of GOST 9940−81 Sample       ≤441 ≥17                    
Vacation, annealing at t°. 745−785 °C (section — thickness. wall). In the delivery condition of the pipe. 3,5−32,0       ≤441 ≥17                    
Pipe hole/d 0,2−22,0       ≤441 ≥17                    

Physical characteristics 12X17

Temperature, in °C 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 20 0
The modulus of elasticity is in the process of shear-torsion (G, GPA)       61 69 85 78 82 85 89   93
normal elasticity modulus (E, GPA)     148 165 182 192 201 211 219 227 232 232
Density (r, kg/m3)                     7720 7720
The specific resistivity (R, Nom · m)   1160 1150 1110 1030 950 850 770 680 610 560 560
Coefficient the thermal conductivity (l in W/(m · °C))           26 26 25 24 24    
The specific heat capacity (j/(kg · °C))               462   462    
Linear expansion coefficient (a, 10−61/°C) 12,1   11,9 11,9 11,6 11,4 11,2 10,8 10,5 10,4    

At elevated temperatures the mechanical properties.

Delivery status Cross-section, in mm sB, MPa tотпуск,°C St|S0,2, MPa t°C y ,% d4 d d10 d5,% KCU, kJ/m2 HB HRC HRB HV HSh
    ≥84     700 ≥97       ≥67            
    ≥40     800 ≥98       ≥64            
    ≥22     900 ≥98       ≥58            
    ≥21     1000 ≥97       ≥81            
    ≥14     1100 ≥97       ≥73            
    ≥8     1200 ≥99       ≥85            
    ≥6     1300 ≥97       ≥99            
    ≤510   ≥310 20 ≥70       ≥28            
    ≤450   ≥290 100         ≥27            
    ≤460   ≥265 200         ≥26            
    ≤440   ≥255 300         ≥25            
    ≤195   ≥145 600                      

Technological parameters

The temperature of forging beginning — 1250 °C — 900 °C. the Cooling air cross-section up to 350 mm.
Weldability Recommended subsequent heat treatment. Weldability difficult. Type of welding: ARDS or RDS.
Heat treatment. The annealing of billets used long-term in order to reduce the residual magnetic induction in the magnetic circuit of the electromagnets, thus providing a magnetic quality steel 12X17 when the residual induction of the magnetic RF Of 0.3 Tesla. HC — coercive silurana 0,23 ka/m; Nm 20 ka, the maximum saturation induction Bs is 1.6 T. In the magnetic circuit of the electromagnets to reduce the magnetic induction and residual needs of the workpiece (part) to be subjected to long term annealing. To obtain the hardness and mechanical properties installed at ST CKBA 010, and also to achieve corrosion resistance to the maximum, billet fittings (details) should be subjected to annealing. Welded assemblies and other products 12X17, subjected for increasing corrosion resistance to annealing under such regimes as heating up to temp.775−800 °C and matured for 2−3 h In cases of the absence of any requirements to the durability of microcalli. corrosion — air cooling; heating to temperature. 780−820 °C, With requirements for durability microcalli. corrosion — air cooling, exposure — 8 hours.
The tendency to temper brittleness 12X17 has after prolonged exposure t°.+475 °C the tendency to temper embrittlement .

Other information about alloy stainless steel 12X17

Temperature critical points:

Critical point Temperature °C
AR1 810
AC1 860


The status of the delivery. The mode of heat treatment. HRC surface HV HRB HRC core HB HSD
Vacation annealing according to GOST 5949−75. Rolled forged and hot rolled.         126−197  


Rolled section. Condition of supply ≥60 ≥340 ≥30
Able supply temperature -30 +20 -70


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