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Foil, sheet, strip made of 2.1020CuSn6

Sheet, strip (foil)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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Technical characteristics

2.1020CuSn6 is tin-phosphorus bronze alloy that can be exposed to cold deformation. Manufacture of bronze sheet of 2.1020CuSn6 grade is specified by GOST 5017−2006.

Percentage composition of alloy 2.1020CuSn6

Elements Content
Cu 92.65 — 93.9
Al <0,002
Si <0,002
Fe <0,05
P 0.1 — 0.25
Sn 6 — 7
Bi <0,002
Sb <0,002

Strip can be obtained by rolling or by an electrolytic method. It should have a thickness not less than 0.1 mm according to GOST 501−82 25. It is usually supplied in rolls.

Coefficient of friction with lubricant of grade 2.1020CuSn6 = 0,01

Coefficient of friction without lubricant of grade 2.1020CuSn6 = 0,12

Hardness of bronze 2.1020CuSn6, soft alloy — HB 10 -1 = 70 — 90 MPa

Hardness of bronze 2.1020CuSn6, hard alloy — HB 10 -1 = 170 — 220 MPa

Casting and physical characteristics of grade 2.1020CuSn6:

1) Melting point — 995 °C;

2) Temperature of hot working — 700 — 800 °C;

3) Annealing temperature — 600 — 650 °C;

Range of products

Springs, bushings, bearing liners, pump parts.


2.1020CuSn6 is used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and motor-vehicle industry for a manufacture of bearing parts. Besides, there are made bare-pipes for manufacture of bimetal steel-bronze bushings. Wire is manufactured for manual welding of tin-phosphorus and tin bronzes under protection of inert gasses.

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