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Heat shield made of molybdenum

Technical characteristics

Molybdenum heat shield possesses unique mechanical strength, refractory quality, and corrosion resistance. It does not fracture in aggressive liquid or gaseous environments. It has high module of elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion. These properties allow using molybdenum heat shields in the most responsible and complex technological manufacturing conditions. Molybdenum heat shields are more lightweight than tungsten almost twice. That is why molybdenum products have a higher strength-to-density ratio (up to a temperature of +1370°С).

Physical properties of molybdenum

Description Identification
Temperature of characteristic receiving in °С 20°С
Density [g/cm3] 10.2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1/°С] 4.9x10-6
Melting point 2620°С
Specific heat at 20 °C [J/(kg/deg)] 0.256
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 142
Specific electric resistance R Оhm-mm2/m 0.054

Chemical properties

Molybdenum reacts with salt, sulfuric acids only at a temperature of 80−100°C. Nitric, chloronitric acids dissolve molybdenum only at a temperature of 100 °C. It is resistant in cold alkali solutions, but it slowly fractures in hot alkali solutions. Additives of carbon, oxygen, silicon, aluminium, nitrogen, iron, sulfur, calcium and phosphorus that are included in commercial molybdenum significantly increase molybdenum properties. The main part of these additives makes molybdenum more brittle. The most detrimental additive is oxygen. If it constitutes 0.0008−0.004%, easy-melting oxides can lead to sharp increase of material brittleness and decrease of metal flow qualities (especially if there are present carbon and nitric). With increasing of oxygen percentage (more than 0.015%), molybdenum becomes brittle and cannot be pressure treated.


Virtually the only one demerit is high self-cost of molybdenum shields, as long as molybdenum relates to rare-earth elements and it is hardly isolated in a pure state. Besides, it is refractory and hardly processed metal.


Molybdenum heat shield consists of two put into each other riveted cylindrical shells made of rolled molybdenum. A space between them is filled with molybdenum-tungsten or molybdenum powder or boring. After fit-up finishing, shield is exposed to baking at a high temperature. High quality of metal and modern technology of shield manufacture provide with perfect operational reliability and heat resistance. They are available in any size and configuration. Tolerances and sizes comply with customer’s drawings. Cost is defined by sized, complexity of configuration and additional customer’s requests.


Molybdenum heat shield is indispensable in high-temperature furnaces with vacuum or hydrogenous atmosphere at sapphire and glass melting, single-crystal growing, baking of powder products etc.

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