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Wire used as source material, security fence, made of low carbon steel. It provides the necessary strength to the product, because the boom must withstand not only the weight of the body violators, gusts of wind, but must provide self-protection from the damage of special tools. In fact, it is one of the forms of metal with a predetermined diameter and length. Soft metal rod can be manufactured in a shape round, oval, square or hexagonal cross-sections. It is made the core of safety barriers, and separate constructive elements of obstacles, like spikes. The basis for the protective engineering systems is a flat stamped canvas. The effectiveness of this protection is higher than that of the round rod, because in addition to piercing properties, the tape takes a cutting and blocking the offending function.

The production cycle

Production is carried out by pulling the metal previously brought in a furnace to a plastic state. Size, shape of openings of grilles, through which a soft metal, shape the future product. Length of the manufactured product depends on the wishes of the customer or specified under the standard 100-pound skein.

The wire used for the further production, for example, electrical products, consumables (nails), stretch marks in the engineering of protective devices (safety barriers). Depending on the scope of use of such metals as aluminum, copper (electrical engineering), steel (power design). To improve corrosion resistance of metal when operating in the open air, the product is galvanized. This protects the design from a steel wire from moisture, temperature extremes.


Install wire safety barriers such as wire, double twist or barriers flat type must be carried out by professionals. Injury from these devices is not difficult even when unloading. The installation of such devices needs to be considering the possibility of passing through the barrier of employees protected enterprise. When installing you must also consider the length of the boom, because overly stretched wire not only lose its physical properties, but also reduce the efficiency of the entire barrier. Why skimp on the length is not recommended.


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