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Rod, wire, tube cunial CuNi13Al3


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General characteristics

Alloy name is derived from initial letters of main chemical elements that included in composition: copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), aluminium (Al). This alloy has high corrosive resistance, flexibility, high strength in sea water, in conditions of atmospheric moisture effect. This alloy has two modifications: (CuNi13Al3) cunial A and cunial B. 2,3−3,3% of Al and 12−12% of Ni+Co are present in cunial A. It is used in details that must possess high strength.
Cunial B (CuNi6Al2). 1,2−2,8% of Al, 5,5−6,5% of Ni+Co.are present in cunial B. It is used for manufacture of elastic elements and springs.

Cunial A (CuNi13Al3)

Main components Al% Fe% Mn% Pb
Cu Ni + Co      
Basis 12 -15% 2,3 -3% 1% 0,5%

Cunial B (MLP 6−1,5)

Main components Al% Fe% Mn% Pb
Cu Ni + Co      
Basis 5,5−6,5% 1.2−2,8% 0.5% 0.2%

Main properties

Chemical properties of alloy are similar to cupro-nickel properties (CuNi19) and nickel-silver. After heat treatment, alloy is exposed to hardening. Annealing is done at a temperature of 900−1000°C in water. Age-hardening is done at a temperature of 500−600°C. This material retains plasticity and strength at low temperature. It does not rust in water. Rupture strength of cunial B is 638 MPa in aged condition at room temperature; its transverse contraction is 50%. When a temperature downs to -180°C, resistance increases to 700 MPa. Cunial is smelted at a temperature of 3200 °C.


Semi-finished products are manufactured in a form of rods and strips, which are exposed to further pressure treatment in order to produce parts of desired size and density. Pressure treatment is done only in a hot condition. Copper-nickel alloys have a tightly packed crystal lattice. Except for main elements, there is present a number of impurities (manganese, plumb, aluminium, etc.), which facilitate processing. Solid solution forms during alloying. Alloy can be easily exposed to cutting, stamping, polishing. When a percentage of nickel increases, corrosion resistance increases as well, but at the same time electrical conductivity decreases. This composition is suitable for creating elements with high electrical resistance.


Parts of special purpose possess high strength, high level of corrosion resistance. That is why they are used in shipbuilding. Alloy is also used for a manufacture of radio-technics, springs, water propellers, medical instruments and other electrical elements. It has high cold endurance. It is used in cryogenic equipment.

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