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Rare nickel alloys


Nickel alloying has made it possible to create heat-resistant wear-resistant materials with special properties. The great popularity of nickel alloys is confirmed by their number. To date, more than 3,000 grades of nickel alloys have been created. Any of them can be purchased today from an Auremo supplier. In the consumption structure, 80% of Ni is used to alloy steel. 20% is used for protective coatings. This metal gives the alloy valuable qualities. Especially needy in the nickel steel - aviation, energy, industrial chemistry, food industry, Very often rare-earth metals are part of the multicomponent nickel alloys. On the one hand alloying significantly improves the properties of the material, but on the other hand the price of production increases.

Structural grades

Reactive engineering would not be possible without special heat resistant materials Inconel, Hastelloy. Transport engineering and industrial chemistry are based on the use of such high-strength materials. They are used to manufacture chemical reactors, tanks, boilers and crucibles with high corrosion resistance. Nickel steels play a crucial role in the construction of gas turbine engines and nuclear boilers. They are used as high-temperature protective cladding to protect uranium rods from corrosion in nuclear reactors.

Inconel 600 - Inconel alloy 600

Cr Ni Cu Mn Si C S
14-17 43-44 0,5 1 0,5 0,15 0,015

Inconel alloy625

Cr Ni Co Mn Si C Al Ti Nb P, S
21-23 56 1 0,5 0,5 0,1 0,4 0,4 3.5-4 0,015

Hastelloy b2 - Hastelloy alloy B-2

Mo Cr Co Mn Fe C W Si Ni
28 1 1 1 2 0,01 --- 0,1 base

Hastelloy b3 - Hastelloy alloy B-3

Mo Cr Co Mn Fe C W Si Ni
28,5 1,5 3 3 1,5 0,01 --- 0,1 base

Hastelloy C4 - Hastelloy alloy C-4

Mo Cr Co Mn Fe C W Si Ni
16 16 2 3 3 0,01 --- 0,08 base

All stainless steels contain nickel in their composition because it not only increases chemical resistance, but also gives the alloys toughness and strength. You can buy rare nickel alloys today from the supplier Auremo. The price is optimal from the supplier

Thermo-electrode grades.

Alloying with nickel, copper, aluminum, manganese produces materials that have a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Alumel - percentage composition

Ni Al Mn Si Co Impurities
93-96% 1,8-2,5% 1,8-2,2% 0,8-1,2% 0,5% 0,5%

Constantan - percentage composition

Ni Cu Mn Si Impurities
43-44% 57-60% 1-2% 0,2% 0,5%

Kopel - percentage composition

Ni Cu Fe Si Co Impurities
43-44% 52-53% 2-3% 0,5% 0,2% 0,5%

Chromel - percentage of elements

Ni Cr Mn Si Co Impurities
89-91% 8,7-10% 1,8-2,2% 0,8-1,2% 0,5% 0,5%


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