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Steel for knives 65×13


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Technical characteristics

Stainless chromium steel 65X13 is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5632-72 and the following specifications: 14-1-3760-84; 14-1-4105-86; 14-1-3918-85; 14-131-844-91, 14-131-764-88. Resistant in food acids, as well as in water vapor up to t° 600 °C. Scalpels, kitchen knives and containers, razor blades, saws, detachable blades, etc. are made for medical and food and woodworking industries.

Percentage composition 65X13 (GOST 5632-72)

Fe Cr C Ni Mn Si S P
Basis 12-14 0,6-0,7 ≤0,5 0,25-0,8 0,2-0,5 ≤0,025 ≤0,03


This steel grade is a martensitic alloy. It is melted in open hearth and induction furnaces as well as in vacuum induction furnaces with subsequent vacuum-arc remelting. After quenching, the rolled steel is hardened through the martensitic transformation. The structure of grained pearlite is given to the steel by annealing, upon completion of hardening the steel hardness is 197-207 NV-1. Increasing the quenching temperature increases the proportion of residual austenite. The optimum hardness is achieved at a hardening temperature of 1050 °C. Hot deformation is carried out in the temperature range 1100 - 900 °C. Billets are rolled and long products are drawn. Cracking is possible during rapid cooling. The hardening temperature is 1045 °C and the tempering temperature is 200 °C.

Physical properties (at 20°C)

- Thermal conductivity 0.147 - 10² W/(m - K)

- Specific gravity 7.67 g/cm3

- Modulus of elasticity 18-10-4 N/mm2

- Electrical resistivity 0.68 Ohmxmm2/m

- Specific heat capacity is 0.504 - 103, J/(kg - K);

- Magnetic permeability 1.255 micro Tesla/m

Corrosion rate

- up to 0.005 mm/year in wet ammonia and hydrogen sulfide atmospheres

- in a solution containing hydrogen sulfide (saturation of 2.5 g/l), less than 0.0135 mm/year

- in an aqueous solution of ammonia (t° 20 °C) to 0.006 mm/year; and at t° 90 °C to about 0.097 mm/year;

- in a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons (t° 20-90 °C) up to 0.003 mm/year;


This alloy is in demand in the medical and food industry (scalpels, kitchen knives, razor blades, saws, detachable blades , etc.), as well as in the woodworking industry. Products made from this steel meet high requirements for corrosion resistance and are able to withstand multiple heat treatments, which is necessary for medical instruments. They can be processed in washing machines, they do not lose their properties in chlorinated water.

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