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Grinding stainless steel.

Technical characteristics

Grinding of stainless steel. - The final finishing treatment, which is carried out on the grinding lines. Stainless steel is ground in hot-rolled etched form, in heat-treated cold-rolled etched form, as well as after cold-rolling. Depending on the grade of the grinder, metal surfaces can be sanded to different levels. Modern grinding lines can grind the surface of stainless steel and, in doing so, eliminate various defects in the outer layer.

The purpose of grinding

Grinding of stainless steel on the production lines allows to remove the top layers evenly. Metal with visible defects in the form of scratches, scuffs, scoring, as well as metal with the purpose of achieving a mirror shine is ground. According to GOST 2789, the roughness of hot-rolled coils of stainless steel, processed on the grinding line should decrease from Ra 20-10 microns to Ra 1,25-0,63 microns.

Grinding heads

They are used to grind stainless steel. They have abrasive belts with different grit sizes. The grit size of the grinding belts is reduced in the final passes. Cold-rolled steel is ground on the first passes with reduced grit belts.

Test measurement

Carried out before and after grinding the machined strip. The measurement determines the size of the removed material layer. To obtain the required quality, stainless steel may be subjected to multiple grinding operations. Much of the quality level of sanding depends on proper tensioning of the metal strip on the line. Well-adjusted machines and the use of additional tools offer the opportunity to increase the quality of work and reduce the time spent on the grinding process.

Sanding with abrasive sandpaper

Abrasive material of different grit sizes is applied to a cloth or paper base. For wet sanding use water-resistant sandpaper. The abrasive coatings of the sandpaper can be made of corundum, silicon or glass. Surfaces of stainless steel products of complex shape is best sanded with sandpaper-based sandpaper, as during processing, it is better adjacent to the curved surfaces. The finest emery cloths are marked "0" and are used for grinding workpieces made of stainless steel in the final stage.


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