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Knife steel 50×14mf


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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Stainless steel 50X14MF is made in accordance with GOST P50 328 1-92 and international standard ISO 7153/1-88. The alloy composition contains: chromium - 14-15%, silicon and manganese 0.6% each, carbon - 0.48-0.55%, molybdenum - 0.45-0.8%, vanadium - 0.1-0.15%, sulfur, phosphorus in thousandths of a percent. The basis is iron.

Percentage composition

Fe C Cr Mo Mn S V P Si
Basis 0,48-0,55 14-15 0,45-0,8 ≤0,6 ≤0,03 0,1-0,15 ≤0,03 ≤0,6

Technical characteristics

This alloy belongs to the class of martensitic steel and is melted in open electric arc and induction furnaces or vacuum induction furnaces with subsequent vacuum arc remelting. After quenching, the rolled steel is hardened by the martensitic transformation and the optimum hardness is achieved at a quenching temperature of 1050 °C. The structure of grained pearlite is given by annealing, after quenching the hardness is 197-207 HV-1. In the temperature range of 900-1100 °C, this steel grade is easily hot deformable. Sheet billets are produced by rolling and long products by drawing. Cracking is possible during rapid cooling.

The rate of corrosion

- In a wet ammonia and hydrogen sulfide atmosphere up to 0.005 mm/year;

- in a solution containing hydrogen sulfide (saturation of 2.5 g/l), less than 0.0135 mm/year;

- in an aqueous solution of ammonia (t° 20°C) to 0.006 mm/year; and at 90°C to 0.097 mm/year;

- in a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons (t ° 20-90 ° C) to 0.003 mm / year;

Microstructure requirements according to GOST 8233-56

Grade, TU Grain perlite (scale 2) Grated carbide (scale 5) Carbide heterogeneity (scale 66) Depth of decarburized layer
Sheet thickness 2-3.9 mm, TU 14-130-280-96 4-6 Not more than 3 Not more than 3 Not more than 5% of the sheet thickness
Sheet thickness 0.8-2 mm, Technical Agreement No. 36 - - - Not more than 5% of the sheet thickness
Sheet thickness 2-3,9 mm, Technical agreement No. 132-140-93 4-6 up to 3 up to 3 Controlled by
Bar Ø4-12mm TU 14-1-3909-85 3-5 ≤ 2 ≤ 2 Not allowed
Tape thickness 0.4 mm Technical Agreement No. 12 4-6 - - up to 5% of sheet thickness

Steel for knives 50X14MF (ei128) is used in the medical industry: (in the manufacture of cutting tools, for example, removable surgical blades, all-metal scalpels); as well as knives in the food industry. Products made of this steel meet high requirements for corrosion resistance and are able to withstand multiple heat treatments, which is necessary for medical instruments. They can be processed in washing machines and do not lose their properties in chlorinated water.


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