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Aluminum circle, wire AlSi5Cu1Mg


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Due to low durability of pure aluminum modern constructors prefer to use its alloys. The alloy AlSi5Cu1Mg is one of the most prevailing between aluminum alloys. The percentage composition of alloy AlSi5Cu1M: Mn — 0,2−0,6%, Zn — 0,3%, Cu — 1.9 -2.7, Mg -0,8−1%, Ti — 0,1%, Fe — 0,8%. Residue is aluminum. As we can see in the formula there is silicon and number 5 indicates its content in tenth fractions of percent.

Percentage composition (GOST 4784−97)

Fe Si Mn Ni Cr Ti Al Cu Mg Zn Impurities
0.8 — 1.4 ≤0.35 ≤0.2 0.8 — 1.4 ≤0.1 0.02 — 0.1 93.05 — 95.28 1.9 — 2.7 1.2 — 1.8 ≤0.3 ≤0.1

Magnum and cuprum are used to make aluminum alloy more durable. Manganese, due to its properties is pulverizing the structure by this it elevates corrosion-resistance and durability. Except above-listed elements, in the composition are used silicon and iron. Fe is considered as deleterious impurity that lowed durability and plasticity. Si promotes for lowing deleterious effect of iron, in some depth binding it. Melting temperature of the alloy is 650 degrees.


Circle is a cylinder of standard length to 6 meters and diameter 10−400 mm. Aluminum sheet or plate of this grade surely is covered with protective layer. One more method to make characteristic better is anodic conversion.

Thermal processing

Due to thermal processing there are work-hardened and reinforced variants of rolled metal. After annealing great plasticity is achieved and after it worn out — significant self work-hardened. Annealing. Alloy is heated to to 500 Co, with cooling it acquires plasticity as pure aluminum.


After the worn out process the main characteristics are firmness and rigidity. For naturally worn out is needed is needed somewhere about twenty-four hours and work temperature 20 Co. For artificial worn out is needed higher temperature, but vastly less time. On completion technologies AlSi5Cu1Mg become more durable and solid material, which can be used at the highest burdens. It is noteworthy, that naturally worn out after deformation were lowed stiffening limit on 2 kg/mm2 in comparison with details that were worn out after needed deformation.


  • Thermal durability;
  • Acceptability for roller and dotty welding;
  • Small weight of production;
  • Low speed of decrepitating;
  • Stability to vibrational burden.


At first, it is high sensibility to corrosion, especially, under straining, which can be eliminated by cladding. At second, is high sensibility to sharp incisions. At third, is marked decline of structural capabilities at temperature rising above 140 0 C.


It is used in engineering industry, aircraft industry, manufacturing of stream-lined trains and building. Preferable applying of this alloy is explained by its solidity in comparison with aluminum.

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