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Methods of processing stainless steel


Cleanliness of tools is the first condition for the processing of stainless steel. It is necessary that the tools do not come into contact with dirt, dust, iron particles and rust. Metalworking machines must be cleaned regularly. The tooling of stainless steel is made with high-speed steel. In the manufacture of cutting elements of electric planer drums, blades of jointer and other types of lathe cutters, "square" high-speed cutter is used. "Circle" is used for finger cutters, circular cutters, taps, drills, circular saws, laths and similar cutters. Tool steels have high-temperature resistance (red resistance), do not lose hardness (63 - 70 HRC), up to t ° 650-700 ° C.

Protection against mechanical damage

When handling or transporting steel products, accidental scratches or other damage to the surface can occur, so measures should be taken to minimize that risk. Polyethylene or paper sheeting can be used as protection. It is also used to treat accidental damage immediately and to finish the entire surface.

Factory production and storage conditions

They help to avoid damage to stainless steel at all stages of production. Rolled steel of different quality is sorted, and the finished sheets are packed in paper and stored. It is necessary to choose high-quality packaging so as not to damage the steel during loading and transportation, it is desirable to have specialized equipment at the place of unloading of stainless steel.


Stainless steel has an attractive appearance, easy to polish, requires little maintenance. But for stainless steel products to have a long life, they should be properly stored, transported and operated. For example, the operation and care must take into account that stainless steel does not tolerate interaction with chlorine and its derivatives. The storage room should be dry and clean, you can not allow dirt and dust on the rolled metal. Contamination can cause the loss of appearance, even the refusal of the customer's product.


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