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Fecral alloy


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Kh23Yu5T 1.4765 Buy from stock, view availability
X15Yu5 1.4725 K91670 Buy from stock, view availability
X15Yu5 1.4767 K92400 Buy from stock, view availability
X23Yu5 EI595 Buy from stock, view availability
X13Y4 EI60 1.4725 K91670 Buy from stock, view availability

FeCrAl (Kanthal) is an alloy of chrome, ferrum, aluminium. A composition of alloy is represented in its name. Ferrum — «Fe», Chrome — «Cr», Aluminium — «Al». Ferrum constitutes a basis of alloy. Its quantity in alloy is generally more than 70%. Additionally, it compounds with mangan, silicon, and sometimes with nickel. Every variation has its marking, which depends on a content of the main components.

Name AISI / Grade UNS GOST (all-Union State Standards) DIN / Werkstoff
Kathal APM CrAl 25 5 92 500 Х23Ю5Т 1.4765
Alkrothal 14 CrAl 14 4 K91670 Х15Ю5 1.4725
Kanthal D CrAl 20 5 K92400 Х23Ю5 1.4767

The main properties

This alloy combines a high temperature of melting (1500 °C) and mighty real resistance to 1,3 Ohm-mm2/m. Fairly low density (7,2 g/cm³) makes it lighter than nichrome for 17%. By virtue of using cheap aluminium instead of insufficient nickel, production cost becomes 6 times cheaper than when using nichrome. Fecral differs with a high corrosive resistance in a vacuum condition, on air, in carbon-bearing, oxidation, and a sulphuric environment. An Achilles' heel of fecral is a frailty. As a consequence, a manufacture of thin strips and wire is obstructed. This demerit can be eradicated with the masteralloys of nickel, but then a fecral alloy price becomes higher.

Alloy Si C Cr Mn Fe Al Ti Ni
Cr23Al5Тi ≤0.50 ≤0.05 22.0−24.0 ≤0.30 Rest 5.00−5.80 0.2−0.5 ≤0.60
Cr23Al5 ≤0.60 ≤0.05 21.5−23.5 ≤0.30 Rest 4.60−5.30 0.15−0.40 ≤0.60
Cr13Al4 ≤0.70 ≤0.08 13.5−15.5 ≤0.70 Rest 4.00−5.50 0.2−0.6 ≤0.60
Cr15Al5 ≤0.70 ≤0.08 14.5−15.5 ≤0.70 Rest 4.50−5.50 0.2−0.6 ≤0.60

Physical features

Alloy Cr15Al5 Cr13Al4 Cr23Al5Ti Cr23Al5
Elongation at break (%)
›12 ›12 ›12

Breaking strength rupture limit Н/mm2 590−690 580−680 630−780 630−780
Density g/cm3 7.15 7.40 7.25 7.25
Maximum operating temperature (°C) 750 650 1250 1250
Electrical resistivity (Ohm-mm2/m) 1.30 ±0.05 1.25 ±0.05 1.35 ±0.05 1.35 ±0.05
Temperature of melting (°C) 1500 1450 1500 1500
Linear expansion coefficient (10−6/°С) 15.6



15.0 15.0
Thermal conductivity (KJ/m*h*°C) 52.4 52.7 60.2 60.2
Durability (h) ›4 000 580−680 ›4 000 ›4 000


The most popular grades are Cr23Al5T, Cr15Al5, Cr23Al5. Usually, grade Cr23Al5Ti is used for a manufacturing of a wire, and Cr15Al5 for a manufacturing of a strip. Before buying, it is necessary to get acquainted with a marking by means of using.

Manufacture, delivery

A wire is produced with a help of pressing, drawing and cogging methods. It can be spooled or coiled. A strip is produced with a help of cogging or electrowinning methods, after which it has to be rolled. By means of «Auremo» company’s website, where is represented a huge assortment of heat-resistant alloys, including eurofecral and such grades as Cr23Al5Ti, Cr15Al5, Cr23Al5, you can become acquainted in more detail with a production, to clarify its main properties and to make an order.

International grades

Cr23Al5Ti — 875 (W-KA1) consists of 22% of Cr, 72,2% of Fe, 5.8% of AL, t° of melting 1500 °C. International name: eurofecral, Kanthal D, Alloy 815, Alchrome DK, Resistohm 135, Megapyr, Aluchrom 5, GS SY. Analogous grades: OCr25Al5, 1Cr13AL4, OCr15Al5.

Kanthal D (Cr21Al) consists of 22% of Cr, 73,2% of Fe, 4,8% of Al, t° of melting 1500 °C. An international name: eurofecral, Kanthal D, Alloy 815, Alchrome DK, Resistohm 135, megapyr, Aluchrom 5, GS SY. Analogous grades: OCr27Al7Mo2, OCr15Al5, OCr21Al6Nb, FeCrAl+Y.

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