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A wire, a rod, a bar made of bronze


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
BrB2 2.1447 CuBe2 Buy from stock, view availability
BrB2M 2.1247 CuBe2 Buy from stock, view availability
BrB2T 2.1247 CuBe2 Buy from stock, view availability
BrB2.5 2.1247 CuBe2.5 Buy from stock, view availability
BrKd1 Buy from stock, view availability

General characteristics

Bronze is an alloy on a copper basis. The main alloying component is tin. Its composition is composed of aluminium additives, beryllium and other elements such as phosphorus, aluminium, zinc, plumb. The exceptions are copper + zinc (brass) alloy and copper + nickel alloys. Aluminium bronze, brass (Cu+Zn) and constantan (Cu+Ni) are very popular but they do not relate to bronzes.

Tin bronze

Tin is the second component of alloy; copper is the first. The third component can be zinc, aluminium, arsenic or other elements. This alloy is the most utilizable. Human smelts it since Ancient Egypt times. It considered having been defense material for a very long time. All the way up until 19th century, there were founded guns out of it. It consists of tin and copper (usually, copper is in greater number). This metal has become one of the first metals people had mastered. It has more merits (for example hardness, workability, strength) in comparison with copper. An invention of bronze has opened up many various opportunities for people which they use until now.

Properties of bronze

Tin bronze is badly treated by pressure, grinding, cutting. It is not inferior to other metals by casting properties. This alloy possesses high corrosive resistance and antifriction properties. It can be used for details of movers or in chemical industry for manufacturing fittings. Plumb and phosphorus can improve antifriction properties. Tin bronzes can be also alloyed with zinc, nickel, aluminium, arsenic. Zinc additive up to % does not change bronze characteristic. However, this makes it cheaper. Bronze alloy with zinc masteralloys is called «admiralty». It is well protected from corrosion in seawater.

Brief grade guide

Identification Field of utilization GOST, TC
CuBe2 Springs, springy essential components, wear-resistant fitting of all types, non-sparking tools. 18 175−78
CuSi3Mn1 Industrial usage: manufacture of springs, details of chemical industry, shipbuilding. 18 175−78
CuCr, CuCr1 Industrial usage: electrical components, electrode for welding, equipment of welding machines. 18 175−78
CuCr1Zn Electrodes of resistance spot welding and seam welding of carbon steel. 1628−78
CuAl9Mn2 Industrial usage: wear-resistant components, screws, trucks, fitting of hydraulic installation. 18 175−78
2.1020CuSn6 Bushes, springs, bearing bushes. 5017−74
CuAl10Ni5Fe4 Chemical apparatus 1628−78
CuAl10Fe1 Industrial usage: aircraft engineering, mechanical engineering. 18 175−78
CuBe2NiTi Springs, springy essential components, wear-resistant fitting of all types, non-sparking tools. 18 175−78
CuNiBeTi Details of butt seam welding machines, electrodes for welding of stainless steel and heat-resisting alloys. 48 -21−92
CuCd1 Motor commutator, details for resistance welders and other details. 18 175−78
CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn1 Industrial usage: aircraft engineering, mechanical engineering. 18 175−78
CuAl10Fe3Mn2 Manufacture of details for cryogenic equipment, details of chemical tools. 18 175−78



Industrial usage: bearing bushes, antifriction details, fitting. 1628−78
CuSn3Zn7Pb5Ni1 Details that are exploited in oil, fresh water, steam atmosphere. 613−79
CuSnZnPb Industrial usage: for shims and bushings for cars, trucks. 5017−74
CuAl11Fe6Ni6 Industrial usage: antifriction details, fitting. 1628


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