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Sheet, pipe made of titanium grade 17

General characteristics

Titanium alloy of grade 17 (doped alloy) relates to European titanium. This is the seventeenth grade of titanium alloys. It has optimum plasticity. Grade 17 is similar to alloys of grade 1, 11. Mechanical and physical properties are identical to the eleventh grade of titanium.

Technical properties

Grade 17 has a significantly lower content of palladium (0,04 — 0,08%) in comparison with other titanium alloys. This alloy is much cheaper and is easy weldable. Alloy has the only one α-phase. This material is very resistant to corrosion in oxidizing and reductive environment. It is very resistant to alkali corrosion. Mill products that can be manufactured: welded pipes, wires, sheets, strips, forgings, rods.

Percentage composition

O N C H Fe Pd Ti
≤0,18 ≤0.03 ≤0,10 ≤0.015 ≤0,20 0.04−0.08 basis

It is used in chemical, processing industry, aircraft engineering.


Strength properties of titanium depend on a presence of inevitable residual elements in its composition, which are divided into two groups: 1) interstitial impurities: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and 2) substitutional impurities: silicon, iron. Interstitial impurities strongly affect a quality of titanium — reduce ductility and increase strength. Strength of pure titanium constitutes 57 HB. It can be increased more than twice. A presence of oxygen at a concentration of 0.1−0.5% has little effect on titanium ductility. However, titanium completely loses its ability to plastic deformation at 0.7% oxygen concentration. Every basis point of nitrogen increases resistance to rupture at the same time reducing ductility. Upon reaching a level of 0,2% N, there occurs a brittle fracture of metal.

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