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Dural circle, sheet, pipe, wire D19CHT


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Technical specifications

Aluminium wrought alloy, which is made from a sheet of stamps D19CHT equally well used in the manufacture of military and space technology, and in the light and food industries. All this is due to the fact that the duralumin metal has a number of advantages:

— High strength;

— Durability;

— Low weight products;

— Aesthetic appearance;

— Resistance to corrosion;

— Resistance to the damaging effects of the environment.


What do the symbols in the mark: D19CHT? D — duralumin, 19 — the percentage of other alloying components, T — heat treatment, that is, to increase the strength characteristics of the metal subjected to further heat treatment. Next duralumin semi-finished products are marked so. normal plating — A process of plating — B, clad — do not have the additional symbol. Quality of the standard, strength and precision manufacturing normal. There are as of the material: hot-pressed — without additional heat treatment, as well as hardened and naturally aged — T. Products are subjected to hardening, must not have any trace of burnout. D19CHT Advantage: light weight, good corrosion resistance, easy to work.

Technical quality

Duralumin semifinished brand D19CHT are plastic, weigh little, very well exposed to the processing spot welding, easily welded. To achieve the corrosion resistance of the material, its pure aluminum cladding. Most of the hardness of the material is obtained by cold deformation and ductility and workability is achieved through termoobraboten. Duralumin semi compared with steel lighter, a longer life, thus cheaper.


Mechanical engineering, aviation, manufacturing high-speed trains, the construction of residential or industrial premises. A preferred application of the alloy due to its greater hardness than aluminum. Alloy AMG6N considered one of the major in the manufacture of pipes, profiles, sheets, wire, forgings. AMG6N brand pipe used for building structures fragments, pipeline special purpose.

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