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Pipe, sheet, round, wire 15H1M1F


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
15Х1М1Ф 1.8521 15crmov5-9 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Alloying 15H1M1 °F has a multidimensional effect on quality of steel. Chromium increases the hardness, corrosion resistance. The Nickel gives the alloy ductility; resistance to shock load. Molybdenum alloy imparts red-hardness, strength, opposition to oxidation at high temperature. The proportion of manganese is above 1% increases the hardness, toughness, durability. Vanadium increases the stability, corrosion resistance.

Percentage composition

C Mn Mo Ni V Cu Si Cr S P Fe
0,1−0,16 0,4−0,7 0,9−1,1 ≤0,25 0,2−0,25 ≤0,25 0,17−0,37 1.1 to 1.4 ≤0,002 ≤0,035 Basis

The alloy of this brand of domestic GOST refers to low-alloy class with good characteristics regarding heat resistance. Manufactured from the specified steel items to which special requirements:

  • resistance to high pressure;
  • continuous operation in temperatures up to 5850 C;
  • tensile strength — 500 N/mm2;
  • elongation — 18%.

Hire this brand are accessible for both the hot and cold deformation. According to the standards GOST, dunnow steel used for the manufacture of pipes used in pipelines of nuclear power plants. Alloy is produced goryacherechenskie reduced pipe. In addition to the pipes GOST provides manufacturing of the steel circle wire and sheet metal.


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