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Silver solder


In the manufacture of silver solders in the composition add a percentage of copper, along with tin, cadmium and some other elements that enhance the quality of soldering silver solder. With the aid of such solders is possible to obtain compounds of metals of high quality. Additionally, silver solder has an excellent ability to withstand the impact of many negative factors, while maintaining their quality.

hts 2000

The use of this alloy effectively when working with aluminium by soldering. This alloy allows us to produce work without the use of flux. It is generally attributed to the hts 2000 to the category of new products. Due to the fact that aluminum has a very unusual characteristics, only the alloy hts 2000 can provide the highest quality of the weld. Alloy hts 2000 refers to a number of quite popular solders. It is much easier to work with such a difficult metal such as aluminum, the Use of this solder requires only a propane or oxy torch.


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