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Stainless strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
12X18H10E Buy from stock, view availability
12X25N16G7AR EI835 Buy from stock, view availability
12Х21Н5Т EI811 Buy from stock, view availability
12X17G9AN4 EI878 1.4373 202 X12CrMnNiN18-9-5 Buy from stock, view availability
12X18H9T Buy from stock, view availability
09X15H8Yu EI903 Buy from stock, view availability
10X17H13M2T EI448 1.4571 316Ti X10CrNiMoTi18-12 Buy from stock, view availability
20X13N4G9 EI100 Buy from stock, view availability


To increase mechanical viscosity and plasticity of strip, there is used a method of heating the steel up to 1050−1080°С. Then, it must be water quenched in order to impart a hardness. Such process of quenching hardens surface layers with a help of metal flow. As a result, the products assume high hardness and strength, but they partially lose plasticity and impact hardness. With an increase of hardening percent, stainless steel becomes harder but loses plasticity. Except for stainless high-hardened and hardened strips, there are also soft and semi-hardened strips. All of them are distinguished by an appearance of edges, surface, accuracy level, and quality of manufacture. Usually, there are used the following grades for manufacture: 303S41, 17254, X20Cr13, X8CrMnNi18−8, X10CrNiTi18−9, X10CrNiMoTi18−12 etc.


Nowadays, it is hard to find such a sphere where stainless strip would not be used. Due to its high plasticity, annealed stainless strip can be applied for channelling (making of different shapes). X12CrNiTi18−10, X6CrNiTi18−10 are the most popular grades made out of chrome-nickel cryogenic and constructional steel with a titanium additive. Such steels relate to heat-resistant. They can withstand a temperature of up to 600 °C. They also possess high corrosion resistance. They are used in manufacture of capacities that operate under a high pressure (mainly in food industry). Strip of X6CrNiTi18−10 grade is usually soft, but after quenching it becomes hammer-hardened. Due to its qualities, stainless strip is indispensable in mechanical engineering, motor building, manufacture of electrotechnical devices.

Percentage composition GOST 5632−72

Grade C Si Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti S P Fe
X12CrNiTi18−10 ≤ 0,12 ≤ 0,8 17 — 19 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 2 9 — 11 ≤ 0,8 0.02 0.035 the rest

X10CrNiMoTi18−12 grade is resistant to effect of high temperatures and aggressive chlorinated environments. Molybdenum and titanium confer a significant strength. It excels carbon steel five times as much. X12CrNi25−21 grade is indispensable in chemical, metallurgic, electromechanic industries etc. It is caused by its corrosion resistance under effect of concentrated condensers and gasses.

Percentage composition GOST 5632−72

Grade C Si Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti S P Fe
X10CrNiMoTi18−12 ≤ 0,12 ≤ 0,8 16 — 18 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 2 12 — 14 ≤ 0,7 0.02 0.035 the rest

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