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Metal europium

Technical Characteristics

In its pure form, europium is similar to aluminum. It oxidizes instantly in the air (even at room temperature), so it should be stored in a hermetically sealed container for long periods of time. This metal is one of 14 elements in the lanthanoid group, with a melting point of 826°C and a heat of vaporization of 176 kJ/mol. Like many other rare metals, it is often used as an alloying agent, and its production is very costly and requires many chemical and physical steps. It is a very workable metal, easy to work with: rolled, bent, drilled, and cut.

Atomic number Eu № 63
Atomic weight g/mol 152
Oxidation state 2, 3
Density [g/cm3] 5,2
Melting point t ° C 826°С
Boiling point t°C 1597°С
Evaporation heat kJ/mol 176

Chemical properties

Europium is the active element. Its valence is +2; +3. It displaces practically all metals from salt solutions and gets covered by oxide film very quickly in the open air. To avoid oxidation, it is stored in jars with kerosene or under a layer of paraffin.

Applications for

In an alloy with zirconium expands the width of thermal neutron capture. In nuclear reactors, europium derivatives are part of absorption rods. With halogens, this metal forms photosensitive crystals. The unstable isotope 154Eucan be used as radioactive fuel. Eu2 O3, is necessary in the thermochemical decomposition of deuterium and tritium. In laser optics, this metal serves in the construction of powerful lasers that generate radiation with a wavelength of 610 nm,


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