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C17200 pipe, wire, rod


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Technical characteristics

Beryllium Copper is a group of beryllium alloys on copper basis. They relate to European bronze mill-products. CuBe2 alloy is known in Europe as alloy C17200 — popular grade of beryllium bronze. It contains 1,8−2% of beryllium. It gives strength, hardness, thermal resistance to a material. It is widely used in industry. This European alloy is used in cases which require high strength, hardness, corrosive resistance, good conductivity. Tensile strength rupture limit of this alloy is 1380 MPa (200 KSI).

Chemical composition of C17200

Element Content, %
Cu 97,9
Be 1,9
Co 0,20

Physical properties

1) Density (during hardening at age-hardening, 2% max decreasing of length and 6% max increasing of density) 8,25 g/cm3 (0,298 pounds/inches 3)

2) Melting point is 866 °C (1590 °F);

Mechanical characteristics of C17200 alloy

1) Rockwell B hardness of material is 80,0−85,0;

2) Ultimate tensile strength of material, limit is 1280 — 1480 MPa (186000 — 215000 pounds per square inch);

3) Tensile strength rupture limit of material, limit is 965 — 1205 MPa (140000 — 174800 pounds per square inch);

4) Ultimate elongation at break is 15,0−30,0;

5) Module of material elasticity is 125−130 HPa (18100−18900 KSI);

6) Poisson’s ratio is 0,300;

7) Shearing module of elasticity is 50.0 HPa (7250 KSI);


Such semi-fabricates can be manufactured of this beryllium bronze grade: pipe, bar, rings, wire. They can be used for:

— details of mining machinery;

— hollow bars of gas turbine engines;

— consumable instrumentation of oil and gas wells;

— manufacturing of moving mechanism parts for heavy mining equipment.

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